Mentor Visual IQ Video Borescope Rental

GE Mentor IQ Video Borescope Rental

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GE Mentor IQ Video Borescope Rental is perfect for long length length inspection requirements. 10 meters (32.8 Ft.) and 6.1mm (.24 in.) diameter. Great light output, best borescope image anywhere!

Product Description

Features and Benefits of Renting the GE Mentor IQ Video Borescope

  • Length: 10m (32.8 Ft.)
  • Diamerter: 6.1mm (.24 in.)
  • Articulation: All-Way
  • Interchangeable Forward and Side View Tips
  • Test Annotation
  • Digital Zoom


• Color SUPER HADTM CCD video camera with 5x digital zoom yield the best inspection results

• View crisp images and increase probability of detection on a 6.5” (16.5 cm) active matrix XGA color LCD, daylight readable display

• Capture crystal clear live video and still images with Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) still image capture

• Portable, lightweight and ergonomic design makes completing your inspection fast and efficient. (6.75 pounds (3.0 KG) out of case)

• Rugged durability – designed to IP65, MIL STD 461F and MIL STD 810G standards

• Electronic user manuals are stored internally for easy access in the field.

• Two USB 3.0 host ‘A’ ports, one USB 3.0 client micro ‘B’ port to store hours of video and still images

• High capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for hours and can be charged from the unit.

• Full tip optic interchangeability with secure double threads allow the best field of view and depth of field for your inspection

• High intensity LED light source and advanced processing provide the best image possible in all conditions

• Insertion tube markings show distance probe has been inserted into inspection area

• Ultraportable rolling carry-on allow you to easily transport the videoprobe from place to place.




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