Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the warranty on the equipment sold?

A: The standard warranty is 1 year after date of delivery. The warranty covers manufacturers defects only wear and damage resulting from use is not covered.

Q: Tell me more about renting?

A: When you rent equipment from AIT the equipment is sent to your location via first overnight delivery and typically arrives at 8:30am the next day. When you are finished with your borescope or inspection camera use the enclosed return shipping label to return the equipment in the box it was shipped in. You are never charged for the time the equipment is in transit. The minimum rental period is one day.

Q: What is the difference between the iRis DVR X and the iRis DVR 5 videoscope?

A: Aside from price the iRis DVR X uses a CMOS camera and the DVR 5 uses a CCD. The iRis DVR 5's CCD produces superior color and image brightness than the CMOS camera used on the DVR X. The iRis DVR 5 videoscope also has a selection different forward view and 2 side view tip adapters to optimize the field of view and depth of field for your application. The iRis DVR X is fixed forward view.

Q: What is the smallest diameter borescope you offer?

A: The smallest diameter borescope AIT offers is 0.35 millimeters or 0.013 inch.

Q: What is the longest instrument you offer?

A: AIT has push rod cameras that can be as long as 200 meters or 650 feet.

Q: Do you offer product training?

A: Yes, AIT offers product training free of charge whenever possible. Typically, online training can be conducted at the time of delivery to familiarize the end user with their new remote visual inspection equipment. On site training is also available, depending on location.

Q: What is the highest temperature my borescope, fiberscope or pipe camera can go?

A: It is always best to consult your operators manual to best answer this, however, most remote visual inspection equipment is rated for use somewhere between 140°F and 180°F (60°C to 80°C). The iTool and iRis DVR 5 videoscopes are capable of short term use in temperatures as high as 284°F (140°C). Custom cooling sleeves can be manufactured for your borescope that can raise temperatures to 500°F (280°C).

Q: We would like to try the equipment before we purchase is that possible?

A: Yes, AIT has demo units available for customer evaluation. Some items such as small diameter fiberscopes are best evaluated by sending in a sample of the item that will be inspected due to the custom nature of these instruments.