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  • New Small Access Foreign Object Retrieval Tools

    AIT introduces new small access foreign object retrieval tools to remove foreign material from you industrial system. The kit includes 2 magnet tools, a 3 prong grasper and a viper grasper tool. The tools are available in lengths of 3m (9.8") or 7.8m (25.6").

    Industrial plants will benefit from keeping a set of these tools with their video borescope for the removal and retrieval of foreign objects, debris and material from impossible to access locations. Plant personnel will be able to retrieve items from deep inside turbines, pipes, rotating machinery, pumps, gear boxes and other industrial systems without the need for costly and time consuming tear down of plant assets.

  • Video Borescope Rental History

    AIT is moving our blog and we would like to bring along some of the past video borescope rental that we have done for a wide variety of applications over the past several years.

    Videoscope Rented To Retrieve Objects From Transformer

    Monday, August 6, 2012 8:45:02 AM America/New_York

    AIT just completed the rental of a videoscope and retrieval tool to locate and remove foreign objects from inside a transformer. The objects were small and required a 6mm diameter videoscope to snake back into the area were to foreign material was located. Several retrieval tools were also used to grab the material and pull from the tranformer.
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    AIT Adds 4mm Diameter Borescope to Rental Pool

    Friday, June 22, 2012 3:35:08 PM America/New_York

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  • Foreign Material Exclusion Tools For Your Next Outage

    Foreign material exclusion and retrieval tools should be a standard inventory item for all power plants during their outages. Lets face it, systems break and accidents happen. These events can easily leave your outage at risk. Being prepared to retrieve lost tools or broken components is the smart way slow downs. Every power plant should have at a minimum some sort of borescope or push rod camera to help locate foreign material in their industrial systems. Along with the borescope a variety of retrieval tools are available to remove lost objects foreign material. AIT offers a variety of grasping jaws, snares, powerful magnets and hooks to remove these items from deep with in an industrial system. AIT offers retrieval kits that are capable of locating and removing foreign material as far away as 200 ft. (30M). Learn More About AIT's Retrieval Tools

    Even with the best FME program, accidents happen. Whether it is a dropped part, foreign object, broken component or other foreign material, AIT offers a a full range of inspection cameras and foreign material exclusion retrieval tools. Our tools will locate and retrieve loose parts through existing accesses and ensure a safe start-up. No need to cut into your piping or disassemble unnecessary components.

  • Foreign Object Search and Retrieval Tools

    Foreign object search and retrieval - Motorized Alligator Jaws CAD Motorized Jaws Retrieve Heavy Objects From Industrial Systems

    It can happen... Even the smallest objects can cause large expenses for your facility. Foreign Object Search And Retrieval (FOSAR) tools, Loose Parts Retrieval Tools, Foreign Material Exclusion Retrieval Tools (FME) and Foreign Object Debris Retrieval Tools (FOD) will locate and remove foreign material from your system. A good Foreign Material Exclusion Program Will include tools to quickly and efficiently remove unwanted material from an industrial system.

    Loose parts and foreign materials are a reality of nearly every plant outage and turnaround. A dropped wrench, bolt or other foreign object can be catastrophic to system integrity and plant safety. Industrial plants on the cutting edge of technology use foreign material search and retrieval to ensure a safe start up.

    A Foreign Object Retrieval tool kit will consist of alligator jaws, snares, hooks, powerful magnets, and motorized grippers. Along with the tools, flexible fiberglass poles are employed as a deliver device. The poles allow engineers to remotely navigate pipes and other industrial systems as far as 200 feet (60 Meters) and grap onto any object and remove it. Typically a videoscope, video borescope or pipe inspection camera is used in conjunction with the retrieval tool kit. The videoscopes, borescopes and pipe cameras are used to inspect the industrial system to locate and assist in properly positioning the retrieval tools.

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  • Remote Visual Inspection At Boiling Water Reactors

    Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) equipment such as videoscopes, video borescopes, pipe inspection cameras and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) can be used for a variety of inspection requirements during outages at Nuclear Power Plants. Here are some examples of inspections that can be performed remotely using videoscopes, video borescopes, ROV's and pipe inspection cameras. Foreign Object Search and Retrieval is another common function performed during outages.

    Foreign Object Retrieval or Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) utilizes equipment such as videoscopes, video borescopes, pipe inspection cameras and a range of foreign object retriaval tools to locate and remove items from plant system. Foreign Objects, loose parts and other material may become trapped inside piping, turbines, cavities, fuel pool and other difficult to reach areas. Areas that are common to remotely inspect during a plant outage ate Boiling water reactors include: Continue reading

  • Foreign Object Retrieval Tools Remove Loose Parts and Debris From Inside Industrial Systems

    Foreign Material Exclusion programs are part of safe operating precedure at any industrial plant. Infortunately, sometimes loose parts, foreign material, tools and other potentially hazardus objects find their way into industrial systems. Traditionally, plant engineers have had to resort to cutting lines or dissembling equipment in order to gain access to difficult to reach areas and remove the offending object. Cutting lines open and disembling indutrial systems is expensive, times consumming and delays a plants ability to quickly return to operation.

    Special Equipment For Retrieving Foreign Objects, Loose Parts and Dropped Tools Industrial Retrieval Tools

    Foreign object search and retrieval tools are part of any sound remote visual inspection program. Engineers are able to locate foreign objects deep within their plant and remove them in an efficient manner using these tools. Foreign object retrieval tools include: snares, alligator jaws, magnets and hooks. These tools can be attached to the outside of a borescope or pushed to more distant locations with push poles and a pipe inspection camera. Dropped parts and foreign objects can be retrieved from as far away as 200 feet.

    Click here to view a video of a Foreign Object Retrieval at Power Plant

  • Oil and Gas Compressors Benefit From Remote Visual Inspection

    Video Borescope Inspection Video Borescope Inspection of Oil and Gas Compressors Prevents Unplanned Outages

    Video Borescope inspection of large industrial compressors is periodically conducted to check for corrosion, defects and general condition. A large industrial compressor is needed to efficiently transfer oil and gas from point "A" to point "B." Interior condition such as wear, pitting, corrosion and other defects may interfere with proper function of a compressor.

    Remote visual inspection can can easily and quickly access the interior of these large systems and remotely inspect the interior of the compressor. A good predictive maintenance program will utilize a video borescope inspection during any down time. Based on the condition the inspector is able to determine from the video borescope inspection corrective maintenance may be required.

  • Retrieval Tools are Part of a Complete Foreign Material Exclusion Program

    Planned and un-planned outages cost time and money. A dropped hard hat, tool, cell phone or other foreign material may find its way into the most hard to reach area in your plant, despite the most rigorous Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) efforts, and keep you from returning to full operating capacity. Foreign object search and retrieval tools can locate can retrieve loose parts, dropped items and other objects from industrial systems and return your plant to full operational status.

    A wide variety of Foreign Object Search and Retrieval tools are available to quickly locate and remove any foreign object, loose part or foreign material from your industrial system. Industrial retrieval tools available include hooks, snares, magnets and alligator jaws. One of the most impressive retrieval tools is a motorized alligator jaw that can grasp virtually anything and remove it from your industrial system. The motorized retrieval tool is powerful enough to drag 50 pound objects and heavier in the right conditions.

    These Foreign material retrieval tools are typically attached to push poles and can be snaked as far as 200 feet to conduct retrievals. Remote visual inspection equipment such as videoscopes or push cameras are used in conjunction with the retrieval tools to locate the foreign object or loose part that needs to be removed. Foreign Material Exclusion programs need to consider having access to these vital tools.

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