Borescope Inspection

  • New Milliscope HD Fiberscope Has Awesome Resolution!

    The new Milliscope HD is a small diameter fiberscope (flexible borescope) that offers super high definition images with super small diameter scopes. The Milliscope HD fiberscope has everything you need in a simple to use system. Just connect a new HD fiberscope to the camera handle and start inspecting. No more need to plug in operate cameras and light sources virtually eliminates the tangle of cables that other systems suffer from.

    The Milliscope HD fiberscope utilizes a super high resolution 1080p HD camera that is housed in an ergonomic handle along with powerful LED illumination. Other old fashioned designs require a separate light source and camera with several cables to connect a scope. The scope handle includes adjustable focus and zoom to help get the perfect image during your inspection. The scope handle also has a one touch button to capture still images or video. Other systems require you to connect to a PC to adjust the image or capture images, which is not always practical or easy.

    Scope diameters that are available range from .35mm to 4.0mm. Lengths are available as short as 61mm up to 7.5m. The Milliscope HD is perfect for inspection castings, machines parts, surgical instruments, catheters, endoscope lumens and other small passages and bores.

  • Duct Inspection Camera

    The new Wohler Vis 350 is the perfect duct inspection camera. The new Vis 350 includes a flexible 100 Ft. push rod cable that can snake through ducts and HVAC systems with ease. The Vis 350 also includes a pan and tilt camera head for all direction viewing. Other duct inspection cameras can only see directly in front of them and are not able to rotate the camera head to view side walls of ducts and passageways. It is important to have a duct inspection camera to view HVAC systems and detect dust, mold, contamination, asbestos and over all condition.

    A duct inspection camera such as the Wohler VIS350 has more features that make it the best duct inspection camera available. The pan and rotate camera heads allows you to see all area of the duct. There is a "return home" feature that orients the camera forward with the press of a button for easy navigation when inspecting HVAC ductwork. A distance counter tells the operator how far the duct camera has travelled to locate any problem. For even more accurate location there is and optional radio locator that can locate the duct camera head and eliminate unnecessary tear down. A selection of brushes and guides help to center the Vis350 duct camera to improved inspection results.

  • Remote Visual Inspection of Cooling Tower Circulating Water Pump

    Borescope Circulating Water Pump at a Fosill Power Plant Borescope Inspection Services Are Available For Fossil Power Plants


    Circulating water pumps deliver cooling water to equipment that condenses the steam coming from a turbine. This is an extremely important component for a fossil power plant that operates a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The internal workings of a circulating water pump needs to be operating at peak efficiency. It is possible for internal supports or baffles to break off and damage the impeller or reduce the efficiency of the pump. Remote visual inspection tools can be used to locate these problems.

    These massive pumps can be remotely inspected with a videoscope to check for internal condition. A videoscope can be inserted through borescope plugs on the sides of the pump and snaked to remote internal locations to view the condition of internal components and check for broken or loose parts, bad welds and other deficiencies. An 8.0 mm diameter videoscope that is 3 to 5 meters in length works best for this inspection. A guide tube such as Dekoron is helpful to assist the flexible videoscope working length to the areas that need inspection. With proper videoscope equipment and a trained inspector this inspection procedure can be quickly accomplished. The Videoscope inspection results can be recorded and help engineers determine if there are any internal problems with the circulating water pump so they can ensure maximum efficiency.Circulating Water Pump Showing Borescope Access and Inspection Points

  • Expert Remote Visual Inspection Services Available

    Remote Visual Inspection services are available to industrial customers that either lack the proper equipment or expertise. If you need to conduct an emergency retrieval from your industrial system or inspect a critical pathway you can hire service professionals to do the work for you.

    Remote visual inspection services employ the latest in Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) technology to provide customers with a look into some of the innermost areas of their plants. Combining state of the art RVI equipment such as robotic cameras, push-cameras and video borescopes, along with deep applications knowledge and experience, they provide a safe, cost effective alternative to disassembly and unnecessary confined space entries. Services are typically available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to help customers diagnose problems, perform inspections or retrieve loose parts. They will also provide a detailed remote visual examination, document the results, and follow-up with a comprehensive report.

    There are many advantages of contracting your remote visual inspection services and loose parts retrieval:

    • There is no need for you to invest in expensive video borescopes, pipe inspection camera and foreign object retrieval tools
    • The inspection is conducted by professionals that know how to operate the equipment
    • Field service firms have a wide variety of different remote visual inspection equipment at their disposal when they arrive on location
    • Since you have the field service personnel on site you may have them conduct several inspections of different systems at no additional cost Continue reading

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