What is a Videoscope?

An industrial videoscope is a flexible inspection tool used to remotely inspect areas that are not otherwise visible. An industrial videoscope is typically used for visual or non-destructive testing.

Videoscope Components

An industrial videoscope consists of:

  • CCD or CMOS camera housed in the tip of the probe
  • Interchangeable tip optics
  • Articulating tip
  • Flexible working length
  • Illumination Source
  • Articulation controls
  • LCD monitor


Videoscope Applications

Industrial videoscopes are used to remotely inspect plant and equipment for condition, quality control check are made with videoscopes on precision parts and castings and law enforcement uses videoscopes for detection of hidden contraband and explosive ordinance disposal.

Common inspections include:

  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Boiler tubes
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Rotating equipment
  • Foreign object retrieval
  • Aircraft
  • Gearboxes


Videoscope Technology

CCD cameras are typically used for image reproduction and found on more expensive videoscopes due to their superior color and brightness of areas being inspected.

CMOS cameras are becoming more common due to their lower cost and excellent image quality. CMOS based videoscopes do not offer the color and brilliant image reproduction found on more expensive CCD videoscopes.

Tip articulation is achieved by manipulating up/down and right/left mechanical controls or an electronically controlled joystick. Mechanical articulation offers greater precision of movement and is less costly.

Interchangeable tip optics allows a selection of forward and side viewing tips with different fields of view and depths of field to be chosen depending on the application. Additional tips add to the overall cost of an industrial videoscope and can cause interruptions during inspections to change tips.

Remote focus allows a videoscope to be remotely focused for optimal resolution without the need to change tip adapters. A videoscope with remote focus does not require multiple tip optics and provides a superior image at a lower cost.


Videoscopes From Advanced Inspection Technologies

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