Milliscope II Fiberscope

The Milliscope II includes the following components:

  1. Fiberscope
  2. Backend
  3. CCD camera
  4. Light Source
  5. PC Software


Steps for setting up the Zibra Milliscope II:

  1. To set up the Milliscope II first thread the backend onto the USB camera.
  2. The Backend can then be connected to the "bayonett style" fitting on the fiberscope. 
  3. The Milliscope II light guide can then be connected to the light source.
  4. Connect the USB camera to a PC and open the viewing software.

Setting up the milliscope II Fiberscope


  1. The USB camera does not need to be connected to AC power.
  2. Ensure that the light source is turned on and the fiberscope is viewing something within it depth of field (usually 3 to 12mm)
  3. Ensure that the focus ring on the backend is adjusted properly.



Q? Where can I download the software for the PC?

A: The Software is available HERE

Q? What are proper care and maintenance technicniques for the Milliscope II Fiberscope?

A: Learn more about care and maintenance for your fiberscope HERE