RAC50 Axial Camera Head

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The RAC50 axial camera is the smallest camera model built for the use in narrow pipe systems. It is designed for use on both crawlers, the RX95 and the RX130. Inspect areas and pipes from 100 to 200mm.

Product Description

RAC50 Axial Camera Head Overview:

  • CMOS color camera
  • Powerful homogenous illumination through LED lighting
  • Light control from 0 - 100%
  • Impact-resistant lighting ring
  • High sensitivity to light
  • Application area DN 100 - DN 200
  • Pipe bend mobility as of DN150 (in combination with RX95)
  • Stainless steel housing with compact design


RAC50 Axial Camera Head
Pressure tightness 
up to max. 1 bar
Panning range  -
Rotation range -
 Illumination  LED-Illumination 
View angle 65° (horizontal) 
Focus 50 mm - ∞
Optical zoom -
Digital zoom (fixed)
Resolution 420 TVL / PAL
Sensitivity to light  0.025 Lux
Location transmission  -
Drive  -
Laser pointer -
Distance laser -
Internal pressure sensor   -
Angle sensor for panning -
Angle sensor for rotation -
Protection class IP68 up to 10 m water depth
Ambient temperature range   0 °C - 40 °C
Storage temperature range  0 °C - 40 °C
Material stainless steel
Dimensions (L x W x H)  63 x 46 x 54 mm
Weight 0.25 kg 


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