PC-HD15 Micro Lipstick Camera

PC-HD15 Micro Lipstick Camera

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PC-HD15 micro lipstick camera is the perfect replacement for Toshiba and Elmo cameras:

  • 15mm diameter

  • Head Length 36.5mm

  • M12 Lens Mount

  • Lens Locking Ring

Product Description

PC-HD Camera Lenses

Focal Length (mm) Viewing Angle Max Aperature
0.9 170 F1.8
2.8 92 F2.0
4.2 72 F1.8
6 51 F1.8
8 42 F1.8
12 30 F1.8

PC-HD Controllers

Designed with high quality in mind, the PC-HDVR is perfect for industrial applications where video and/or image capture is imperative. The PC-HDVRCU is the most industrial desktop based camera control unit available, but if portability is a necessity, the PC-HDVRPCU comes with a 5.0 Ah battery providing up to 8 hours of work time. The controllers are compatible with all PC-HD cameras to display real-time video over component or HDMI cables while maintaining the ability to save MP4s and JPEGs. The controllers also have the capabilities to playback video/images, control files, control resolution, segment video recordings, control exposure, control the light frequency, control illumination, and select an output format. The camera control units feature mini HDMI output, USB connectivity, Analog video output, 12vDC power input and MicroSD slot (up to 128gb).

PC-HD Cables

Types Jacke Material Color Gauge (AWG) Outer Diameter (in) Nominal Length
PC-157 PVC Black 24 0.157" 3m-15m




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