Electronic turning tool controller and motor Electronic turning tool motor being installed onto turbine Electronic turning tool hand controller
Electronic turning tool controller and motor Electronic turning tool motor being installed onto turbine Electronic turning tool hand controller

FutureDrive Electronic Engine Turning Tool

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The Rhinestahl FutureDrive® Electronic Turnover Tool (ETT) improves the efficiency of engine borescope inspections by automating the process of engine rotation. The tool electronically rotates turbine blades for faster, more accurate inspections — eliminating the need for a second technician to rotate the engine shaft.

Product Description

The FutureDriveNG electronic turning tool automates the gas turbine engine borescope inspection process, providing a fast, accurate and efficient assessment. Wherever you are, you can count on FutureDriveNG.


Optimal Control

Stop at any blade, return to any blade. Inspectors can easily flag damaged blades and store the location to allow you to return to any blade with a push of a button. FutureDriveNG allows you to view each blade individually and scan it from root to tip. Optimize your borescope's sight picture and position the blades the way you want to view them. FutureDriveNG also provides a clear video overlay for your monitor to provide real-time viewing or recording playback.


Exceptional Portability

Ta k e your FutureDriveNG anywhere. Our product comes in a rugged, portable carrying case and fits in an aircraft overhead bin. FutureDriveNG system is designed and rated to operate with the power unit inside the case for increased protection. The total weight of 21 lbs. (9.5 kg) allows FutureDriveNG to be used at any inspection site. The self-seeking power supply works on worldwide power systems and can also be run on aircraft power.


Ease of Operation

FutureDriveNG is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Simply connect the cables, attach the motor, plug it in, and go. Use FutureDriveNG continuous interval mode for an automated, hands-free inspection method, or choose to rotate the engine one blade at a time. The hand control, hand switch or foot pedal allow you to tailor the inspection operation to your needs. Our product also has a wireless capability that eliminates cables between the power unit and hand control to improve safety and ease of operation.


Workforce Multiplier

Increase your work center efficiency. FutureDriveNG requires one technician to operate, so workers can be allocated to other tasks. FutureDriveNG reduces the inspection time by over 50%.


Total Fleet Support

FutureDriveNG is available for a wide range of commercial, military, and aeroderivative turbines including GE, CFM, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce. Our product comes pre-programmed with your fleet's engines and, if needed, FutureDriveNG can easily be field-updated in less than 15 minutes. 




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