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Multiscope™ Borescope

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Quick Overview

Super high resolution and small diameter custom borescope system with quick-change probes allow a single compact system to perform many inspections. Available in many different diameters, lengths and directions of view. Video and still image recording.

Multiscope borescope with CCD Video Camera

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  • Multiscope borescope with CCD Video Camera
  • Multiscope borescope with selection of interchangeable rigid probes
  • Multiscope borescope with selection of rigid, flexible and custom shaped interchangeable probes
  • Multiscope rigid borescope
  • Multiscope custom shaped borescope

Multiscope™ Borescope Overview

  • Available diameters: 1.0mm to 9.0mm
  • Available working lengths 30mm to 5,000mm
  • Directions of view: 0°, 16°, 70°, 90° or 110°
  • Interchangeable borescope probes
  • CCD camera connection allows recording of video and still images
  • Accepts flexible, semi-rigid and rigid, custom shaped and wand-type borescopes
  • Rapid delivery of custom solutions


Features and Benefits of Multiscope Borescope

  • Rotational Design is Perfect For Inspections That Require Rotating the Borescope
  • The Multiscope™ boroscope universally adapts to any video system for recording video or digital still images to store inspection results.
  • Flexible, Rigid and Custom working lengths allows the borescope to easily adapt to any inspection.
  • Water tight scope tube in: Water, Mineral and Synthetic Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Aviation Fuel, Kerosene, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel.
  • Adapts to any existing light source with interchangeable light guide post adapters to allow compatibility with existing equipment.
  • Rugged Aluminum with matt powder finish hand piece construction withstands harsh industrial environments for years of use.
  • Uses easily removable Multiscope probes
  • Designed to work with ½ CCD C-Mount cameras
  • Video connector has integrated focus adjustment & illumination cable w/ universal light guide tip
  • Cable-free probe connection for easy rotation
  • Accepts Flexible, Semi - Rigid & Rigid probes
  • Available Diameters: 1.00 mm - 9.0 mm
  • Probe Working Lengths: 61 mm – 10,000 mm
  • Directions of View: 0, 16 , 30, 70, 90 & 110 Degree
  • Mirror sleeves available for SR and R probes

Engineering & Manufacturing

The Multiscope small diameter borescopes provides a cost-effective custom solution for examination of internal structures without teardown. The Multiscope borescope allows engineers to check for pitting, cracking, corrosion, erosion, weld and other defects in machinery, gear boxes, pumps, bores and more.

Quality Control

The thin design of the Multiscope borescope allows manufactures to inspect inside complex components for defects. A borescope provides the ability to inspect internal components, bore holes, castings and other manufactured items such as turbine blades, circuit boards, rifle barrels and welds.


The Multiscope borescopes can be used to inspect inside casting of engine blocks and other high quality casted components. Small diameter and custom design boroscope instruments similar to the Multiscope allow inspection of the most complex passage way where a standard “off the Shelf” borescope with not work.


A borescope or boroscope allows quality control, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to be performed with the minimum downtime, while maximizing safety, efficiency and operational time. A Multiscope Borescope allows Inspection of turbine blades and vanes (Stators and Rotors), combustion chambers, low pressure compressors and high pressure compressors and all passage ways that are extremely confined and require a truly flexible and small diameter instrument. Fuel Nozzles are another typical application that requires bore and borescopes to inspect for blockage and other defects.

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