Differences Between The iRis DVR 5 and X Videoscope

We are frequently asked what is different about the iRis DVR 5 and iRis DVR X videoscope. They both look identical, have the same controls and digital features and this maybe confusing when trying to compare the two products. Both videoscopes are excellent video borescope tools and and do have some important difference that need to be understood.

The iRis DVR 5 utilizes a CCD imager and the iRis DVR X a CMOS imager. What this means is that the iRis DVR 5 Videoscope is capable of higher resolution images with better color reproduction. The iRis DVR 5 Videoscope also offers interchangeable forward and side view tip objectives. The iRis DVR X videoscope is a dedicated forward view video borescope.

Both video borescopes have 5 inch LCDs, however, the iRis DVR X needs be zoomed in to have the image display on the full screen. When used at normal resolution the iRis DVR X Videoscope only uses 3.5 inches of the LCD.

The iRis DVR 5 Videoscope is also offered in more diameters. Currently, there is a 4, 6 and 8mm version available. The iris DVR X is only available in 4 and 6mm diameters. The iRis DVR 5 Videoscope is capable of withstanding temperatures of 284°F/140°C for brief periods of time. The iRis DVR X is limited 178°F/80°C.

The iris DVR 5 is a superior video borescope when compared to the iRis DVR X, However, it is also more expensive. Consider what your true needs are. If you do not need side view  tip adapters for your particular application, chances are that the iRis DVR X is the best performing and value video borescope.


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