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  • 2018 MRO Conference a Success!

    AIT recently exhibited at the 2018 MRO conference in Orlando Florida and demonstrated the GE Mentor Visual IQ with 3D phase measurement to aviation maintenance personnel from around the world. The Mentor IQ is the only video borescope with advanced 3D measurement capability to detect and measure defects with the highest degree of accuracy.

    Maintenance and repair operations rely on video borescopes like the Mentor IQ to ensure the best possible inspection of turbines in the aviation industry. The mentor IQ has the added advantage of not needing to change tip adapters to conduct borescope measurements like old fashioned stereo measurement does. The 3D point cloud also helps inspectors visualize the inspection far better than stereo.

    AIT is looking forward to a repeat performance at the 2019 conference in Atlanta, GA.

    Mentor Visual IQ video borescope Mentor Visual IQ video borescope
  • See the New XL Lv Video Borescope At The NBAA Maintenance Conference

    AIT will be exhibiting at the NBAA maintenance conference at West Palm beach May 2-4, 2017. Look for us at booth 713. The conference focuses on the challenges aircraft maintenance managers and technicians face. AIT will have the newest video borescope technology on display including the new XL Lv video borescope from General Electric.

    The new XL Lv video borescope is the perfect solution for general aviation maintenance. The perfect combination of performance, reliability and low cost. The XL Lv is manufactured in the USA by General Electric to answer the borescope needs in industries like business and general aviation. The XL Lv has all the great feature we have come to expect from and General Electric.

    Features and Benefits of the New XL Lv Video Borescope Include:

    • High resolution CCD imager that out performs the competitions lower resolution CMOS cameras.
    • Brilliant LEDs illuminate all the detail in a turbine engine.
    • A flexible sheath made from materials like tungsten and titanium because stainless steel is not always good enough when you want the best. The new XL Lv video borescope resists common wear and tear far better than any other system in the it category.
    • Powered by a rechargebale Lithium-ion battery rather than dozens of AA batteries (some other systems even rely on two separate batteries; one for the LCD display and a second to provide illumination)
    • A reliable servo-controlled joystick protects the XL Lv from over torque and provides precise tip movement. Other systems still rely on old fashioned mechanical articulation that suffers from damaged articulation from routine use.
    • The new XL Lv video borescope is MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F Standards Compliant and rated IP55 to resist ingress from dust and the entire system can with stand exposure to a water jet. Nobody else offers that level of quality and protection.


    New XL Lv Video Borescope New XL Lv Video Borescope

    The new XL Lv video borescope is perfect to inspect Rolls-Royce, Prat & Whitney, General Electric, Garrett, Honda, Williams and more. Available in 4 or 6 millimeter diameter the XL Lv can access the smallest turbines and deliver the best borescope inspection. The XL Lv is perfect to inspect all aircraft turbines, airframes, landing gear and more.

    The NBAA Maintenance conference will be an excellent opportunity to see the latest technology. We encourage everyone in the general and business aviation maintenance community to stop bye to see the New XL Lv Video Borescope at the NBAA Maintenance Conference.

    AIT is the fastest growing supplier of video borescopes and other remote visual inspection equipment to aerospace, power generation, petrochemical and other industrial customers worldwide.

  • Video Borescope Rental History

    AIT is moving our blog and we would like to bring along some of the past video borescope rental that we have done for a wide variety of applications over the past several years.

    Videoscope Rented To Retrieve Objects From Transformer

    Monday, August 6, 2012 8:45:02 AM America/New_York

    AIT just completed the rental of a videoscope and retrieval tool to locate and remove foreign objects from inside a transformer. The objects were small and required a 6mm diameter videoscope to snake back into the area were to foreign material was located. Several retrieval tools were also used to grab the material and pull from the tranformer.
    Posted in Videoscope Rental By System Administrator

    AIT Adds 4mm Diameter Borescope to Rental Pool

    Friday, June 22, 2012 3:35:08 PM America/New_York

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  • Differences Between The iRis DVR 5 and X Videoscope

    We are frequently asked what is different about the iRis DVR 5 and iRis DVR X videoscope. They both look identical, have the same controls and digital features and this maybe confusing when trying to compare the two products. Both videoscopes are excellent video borescope tools and and do have some important difference that need to be understood.

    The iRis DVR 5 utilizes a CCD imager and the iRis DVR X a CMOS imager. What this means is that the iRis DVR 5 Videoscope is capable of higher resolution images with better color reproduction. The iRis DVR 5 Videoscope also offers interchangeable forward and side view tip objectives. The iRis DVR X videoscope is a dedicated forward view video borescope.

    Both video borescopes have 5 inch LCDs, however, the iRis DVR X needs be zoomed in to have the image display on the full screen. When used at normal resolution the iRis DVR X Videoscope only uses 3.5 inches of the LCD.

    The iRis DVR 5 Videoscope is also offered in more diameters. Currently, there is a 4, 6 and 8mm version available. The iris DVR X is only available in 4 and 6mm diameters. The iRis DVR 5 Videoscope is capable of withstanding temperatures of 284°F/140°C for brief periods of time. The iRis DVR X is limited 178°F/80°C.

    The iris DVR 5 is a superior video borescope when compared to the iRis DVR X, However, it is also more expensive. Consider what your true needs are. If you do not need side view  tip adapters for your particular application, chances are that the iRis DVR X is the best performing and value video borescope.


  • The New Vuman Video Borescope

    INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y X-Way long length video borescope is capable of fully articulating while completely coiled on the reel. This is not possible with any other video borescope. Using an advanced micro compressor the Vuman video borescope allows the tip of the borescope to be steered up to 100 ft (30 Meters) while wrapped up on the storage reel or passed through unlimited bends. Other systems are bulky and not able to articulate unless they are laid end to end in a straight line.

    Other video borescopes rely on cables to manipulate the tip of the borescope. Cable articulation has always had limitations due to tension that is present in the cable over great distances or multiple bends. This tension causes the cables to fail or become unresponsive. The Vuman offers a tremendous advantage over these systems because no tension is present regardless of length or the number bends. Compressed air is push through the length of the video borescope to manipulate the tip with astonishing results. Continue reading

  • Video Borescope Rental Inspects The Civil Rights Memorial

    Borescope Rental Modern Flexible Video Borescope

    Recently, Advanced inspection Technologies (AIT) was pleased to be involved with restoration work of the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, AL. AIT provided a flexible video borescope rental to inspect the interior plumbing of the memorial. Engineers rented the video borescope from AIT to snake through a pipe that normally delivers water to the memorial to conduct a remote visual inspection.

    Engineers used the video borescope rental equipment to navigate and the length of the pipe and check the interior condition. The video borescope they rented from AIT to inspect the civil rights memorial was able to easily navigate the pipe line and help engineers determine that the interior condition was good. Without the assistance of AIT’s video borescope rentals there would of been no way to inspect the interior condition of the memorial without tear down of the structure.

    Borescope Equipment Rented From AIT Insects the Civil Rights Memorial Flexible Video Borescope Equipment Rented From AIT Inspects the Civil Rights Memorial

    The Civil Rights Memorial honors the achievements and memory of those who lost their lives during the Civil Rights Movement, in the United States. Created by Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Maya Lin. the striking black granite memorial is located across the street from the Southern Poverty Law Center's office building in Montgomery, Alabama. The Memorial is just around the corner from the church where Dr. King served as pastor during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955-1956, and the capitol steps where the Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march ended in 1965.

    The circular fountain provides a timeline of important events in the civil rights movement, beginning in 1954 with the Supreme Court decision to integrate American schools (Brown vs. the Board of Education) and ending with Dr. King's murder in 1968. It also records the names of 40 men, women, and children who lost their lives working for social justice. A thin pool of water flows over this circular table.

    Advanced Inspection Technologies (AIT) is a leader for rentals of videoscopes, video borescopes, pipe inspection cameras and infrared cameras. Throughout the years AIT's video borescope rental equipment has been used to solve a variety of inspection application. Architectural and historic borescope inspections are always interesting to be involved in.

  • What Makes Industrial Video Borescopes Tough?

    Video borescopes come in many forms and are called many names: Videoscope, VideoProbe, Videoimage Scope etc. By what ever name you call them, video borescopes are an essential part of any remote visual inspection program. These inspection instruments are used to inspect some of the toughest industrial areas imaginable. Snaking through rough boiler tubes, turbine inspections, rotating machinery and other harsh environments can take a toll on these expensive tools.

    With so many manufacturers introducing new videoscopes to the market, many customers may be confused as to what is suitable for an "Industrial" remote visual inspection application. Lower cost "consumer grade videoscopes." do not hold up to the rigorous environment of an industrial application. There are some basic construction qualities that you should look for when selecting your video borescope.Durable Industrial Videoscopes

    Features of Industrial Video Borescopes:

    Working length is constructed of tungsten. Tungsten has 5 times the wear resistance of stainless steel and is far more durable than either stainless steel or polyurethane.

    CCD Camera is housed in a stainless steel head can. This protects the camera and ensures it will stand up to the hits and drops.

    Ability to Center Articulation. Video borescopes can bend around tight corners, but if not returned to zero before withdrawing, an inspector risks snagging the bending neck and damaging the videoscope.

    Interior steel mono coil adds crush protection and ensures your videoscope will stand up to crimping and being stepped on.

    Water tight construction. Industrial video borescope inspections may expose your borescope to being submerged in water or harsh chemicals. Industrial videoscopes are constructed to work in these environments.

    Look for these important features when selecting a videoscope for your industrial Inspection. Remember you still need to exercise proper video borescope care and maintenance.

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