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  • 2018 MRO Conference a Success!

    AIT recently exhibited at the 2018 MRO conference in Orlando Florida and demonstrated the GE Mentor Visual IQ with 3D phase measurement to aviation maintenance personnel from around the world. The Mentor IQ is the only video borescope with advanced 3D measurement capability to detect and measure defects with the highest degree of accuracy.

    Maintenance and repair operations rely on video borescopes like the Mentor IQ to ensure the best possible inspection of turbines in the aviation industry. The mentor IQ has the added advantage of not needing to change tip adapters to conduct borescope measurements like old fashioned stereo measurement does. The 3D point cloud also helps inspectors visualize the inspection far better than stereo.

    AIT is looking forward to a repeat performance at the 2019 conference in Atlanta, GA.

    Mentor Visual IQ video borescope Mentor Visual IQ video borescope
  • Mentor Visual IQ Video Borescope Provides The Best Light and Image

    Light output is one of the most important specifications when choosing a video borescope, however, that is not the only factor that produces a high quality image. The light engine, camera technology, optics and how the image is processed all factor into a great image. The Mentor Visual IQ video borescope is the best example of how several technologies are combined to deliver a fantastic image.

    The Mentor Visual IQ video borescope utilizes a powerful LED light engine that delivers 8 times or more light output than other video borescopes. A powerful white light with a sunlight equivalent color temperature showers your inspection area to reveal every detail with perfect color accuracy.

    The Mentor Visual IQ also has the largest selection a multiple interchangeable tip optics. Different fields of view and depths of field will have a big impact on the image quality.

    The Mentor Visual IQ is also the only video borescope that utilizes 3D phased measurement. Unlike old fashioned stereo measurement, 3D measurement allows the inspection to be done without removing the borescope to change tip optics. 3D measurement also allows your measurement to be done utilizing the full screen and 100 percent of the camera. Stereo measurement forms a difficult to use split screen image and reduces resolution and accuracy by using half of the available pixels to measure.

    The Mentor Visual IQ is a generation ahead of all other video borescopes because it takes all the factors into account that make for a great image.

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