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  • New Milliscope HD Fiberscope Has Awesome Resolution!

    The new Milliscope HD is a small diameter fiberscope (flexible borescope) that offers super high definition images with super small diameter scopes. The Milliscope HD fiberscope has everything you need in a simple to use system. Just connect a new HD fiberscope to the camera handle and start inspecting. No more need to plug in operate cameras and light sources virtually eliminates the tangle of cables that other systems suffer from.

    The Milliscope HD fiberscope utilizes a super high resolution 1080p HD camera that is housed in an ergonomic handle along with powerful LED illumination. Other old fashioned designs require a separate light source and camera with several cables to connect a scope. The scope handle includes adjustable focus and zoom to help get the perfect image during your inspection. The scope handle also has a one touch button to capture still images or video. Other systems require you to connect to a PC to adjust the image or capture images, which is not always practical or easy.

    Scope diameters that are available range from .35mm to 4.0mm. Lengths are available as short as 61mm up to 7.5m. The Milliscope HD is perfect for inspection castings, machines parts, surgical instruments, catheters, endoscope lumens and other small passages and bores.

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