Retrieval Tools are Part of a Complete Foreign Material Exclusion Program

Planned and un-planned outages cost time and money. A dropped hard hat, tool, cell phone or other foreign material may find its way into the most hard to reach area in your plant, despite the most rigorous Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) efforts, and keep you from returning to full operating capacity. Foreign object search and retrieval tools can locate can retrieve loose parts, dropped items and other objects from industrial systems and return your plant to full operational status.

A wide variety of Foreign Object Search and Retrieval tools are available to quickly locate and remove any foreign object, loose part or foreign material from your industrial system. Industrial retrieval tools available include hooks, snares, magnets and alligator jaws. One of the most impressive retrieval tools is a motorized alligator jaw that can grasp virtually anything and remove it from your industrial system. The motorized retrieval tool is powerful enough to drag 50 pound objects and heavier in the right conditions.

These Foreign material retrieval tools are typically attached to push poles and can be snaked as far as 200 feet to conduct retrievals. Remote visual inspection equipment such as videoscopes or push cameras are used in conjunction with the retrieval tools to locate the foreign object or loose part that needs to be removed. Foreign Material Exclusion programs need to consider having access to these vital tools.

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