Rent Video Borescopes To Inspect Orbital Welds

Advanced inspection Technologies inc. offers a large selection of video borescopes for inspection of orbital welds. High purity orbital weld are commonly used is pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, food and industries that require controlled a environment. Gas and liquids that pass through high purity pipes need to remain pure. An improper weld that joins pipes can cause impurities to collect. Certified weld inspectors can identify weld that are oxidized, improperly beaded, or where there is too much or too little weld penetration. Certified weld inspectors frequently rent video borescopes from AIT to inspect these welds in high purity piping.

AIT can rent video borescopes up to 100 ft in length with diameters as small as 4.0mm (0.157 in). Fiber optic borescopes are available on special request as small as 0.35mm (.014"). Orbital weld inspectors can rental video borescopes such as the Vuman, Iplex, Iris DVR, or Milliscope II for small diameter applications.

When you rent video borescopes it is important to understand the advantages of each:

Olympus Iplex

The Olympus Iplex is well designed for inspection of orbital welds. The probe length is 7.5m (24.6') and probe diameter is 6.0mm (.25"). The length is important for weld inspectors to be able to see inside long sections of pipe. The video borescope diameter is also perfect for a majority of pipe diameters to allow passage around tight bends and turns. The Iplex also includes interchangeable side view tips to help achieve high resolution images of orbital welds. The Iplex also includes a large 7.5" LCF display for easy review of work.

iRis DVR

The iRis DVR video borescope is a portable hand held video borescope. Features include battery power, a high resolution 5 inch LCD and the ability recording an annotate video onto a 32MB SD card. The iRis DVR video borescope has 2 side view tip adapters which are perfect for viewing orbital welds in different diameter pipes. The iRis DVR video borescope is available in lengths up to 7.5m (24.6') and diameters of 4, 6 and 8mm (.157", .236" and .315").


The Vuman video borescope has several unique features that make it ideally suited for orbital weld inspections. Remote focus allows the weld inspector to always achieve the best image regardless of the distance to the weld. A Large 10.4" LCD provides the largest viewing screen of any video borescope. Finally, the Vuman video borescope is the only system that is stored on a reel, this means there is no unused borescope coiled on the floor.

Milliscope II

The Milliscope II is a small diameter borescope system available to rent. The Milliscope II is available in a variety of diameters and lengths depending on your requirements. The Milliscope II is available in diameters as thin as .35mm (.014") several lengths are also available. The Milliscope II is perfect If you need to rent video borescopes to inspect pipes that have an extremely small inner diameter or challenging bends, twists and turns that other video borescope cannot make.

The next time you need to rent video borescopes to inspect orbital welds remember that AIT has the most complete inventory, the knowledge and support to make your inspection a success.