Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchangers

AIT offers several options for our customer that need to rent inspection cameras for shell and tube heat exchangers. Tube bundles need to be periodically inspected for potential problems such as the build up of deposits, blockages and other defects that cause damage to tube walls and reduce the efficiency for these types of heat exchangers. A common type of heat exchanger is a Shell and tube. Depending on the tube diameter, length and accessibility you may choose a different inspection camera to rent for you next inspection.

Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchanger Tubes:

1. Kombi Double Push Camera

Kombi inspection camera is a light weight and portable remote visual inspection camera for industrial applications Kombi Double Push Camera

The Kombi is a great rental choice when portability, battery power is required. The Kombi inspection camera includes two push cables and four camera heads so you can configure it on the spot. This ability to use different stiffness push cables or camera heads allows you to inspect several diameter heat exchanger tubes with one inspection camera system. The Kombi is capable of inspecting heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 8" ID.

2. Mincam Duo Push Camera

Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchanger Tubes like the Mincam Duo Push Camera Mincam Duo Push Camera

The Mincam Duo is available with 150 ft or 100 ft main push rod cable. a 3/4", 1.0" or 2.0" camera head can be attached to the push rod spending on the diameter of the heat exchanger tube you intend to inspect. For extra small diameter tubes the MinCam Duo includes a 1/2" camera with up to 100 ft of push cable. The combination of push rods and interchangeable camera heads allows you to inspect tubes from 3/4" ID to 12" ID.

3. Small Line Camera (SLC)

The SLC is designed to inspect small industrial pipes bores and tubes. The push rod cable is available in lengths up to 100 ft. and camera diameters from 1/2", 3/4" and 1.0". Super high resolution and brilliant illumination make the SLC a great choice when the best image is needed. The SLC can see the smallest defect in your heat exchanger tube. A smart all in one case design makes the SLC easy to use. Just open and turn on. Included features are 4 hours of battery life, video and still image recording. The SCL is perfect for inspection of heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 4.0"

4. Mincord Inspection Camera

Mincord portable push camera for inspection of small pipes
The Mincord is a super portable push camera with 50' or 100' of flexible push cable. The camera is 1/2" diameter on a super flexible spring. The Mincord inspection camera is a great choice where portability is the most important consideration. The small size allows access into any confined space. Video or still image capture can be done on an SD card. The Mincord is capable of inspecting heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 2.5" diameter.

Each inspection camera from AIT offers its own advantages and benefits. When you speak with one of our representatives they will guide you through your selection based on you individual requirements.

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