AIT Introduces The RiFlexio Articulating Pipe Inspection Camera

Advanced Inspection Technologies is proud to introduce the RiFlexio articling pipe inspection camera. The RiFlexio is a unique push rod inspection camera for viewing all types of industrial pipes, lines, vessels and tubes. The RiFlexio is the only inspection camera of its type that can be remotely steered into pipe turn offs.

The RiFlexio can be remotely steered through pipe as small as 3 inches (80mm) and as large as 10 inches (250mm). The camera head is able to rotate 360 degrees, pan over 180 degrees and articulate 87 degrees. The RiFlexio also has the ability to be remotely focused for the best image quality at any distance. The push rod cable is 164 Ft (50m).

The unique capability of the Riflexio pipe inspectioncamera allows inspection of areas that un reachable by conventional push rod and pipe cameras. The ability of the Reflexio pipe camera to turn corners and navigate pipe turn offs with ease will allow inspection of industrial pipelines, tubes, boilers, headers, pressure vessels and underground pipes. Oil refineries, chemical plants fossil and nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities will find the  Riflexio pipe inspection camera invaluable for speeding up plant turn arounds.

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