The New Vuman Video Borescope

INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y X-Way long length video borescope is capable of fully articulating while completely coiled on the reel. This is not possible with any other video borescope. Using an advanced micro compressor the Vuman video borescope allows the tip of the borescope to be steered up to 100 ft (30 Meters) while wrapped up on the storage reel or passed through unlimited bends. Other systems are bulky and not able to articulate unless they are laid end to end in a straight line.

Other video borescopes rely on cables to manipulate the tip of the borescope. Cable articulation has always had limitations due to tension that is present in the cable over great distances or multiple bends. This tension causes the cables to fail or become unresponsive. The Vuman offers a tremendous advantage over these systems because no tension is present regardless of length or the number bends. Compressed air is push through the length of the video borescope to manipulate the tip with astonishing results.

Another ground-breaking feature of the Vuman video borescope is remote focus. The vuman video borescope has eliminated the need for multiple tip adapters be allowing the user to remotely focus the optics of the video borescope. Remote focus capability allows the Vuman video borescope to provide astonishing high resolution images over a variety of distances without the need to change tip adapters.

Remote focus is an incredible advantage over traditional video borescope and videoscopes that rely on the need to change are variety of tip adapters depending on the distance the video borescope is viewing. Video borescope tip adapters have always forced a compromise with image resolution along with a variety of other issues that remote focus now overcomes. Tip adapters often forced the operator to remove the video borescope from an inspection to change tip adapters, using up valuable time. Tip adapters have also been a source of cross threading causing expensive repairs or being lost and becoming foreign object debris. Video borescope or videoscope tip adapters are also expensive and often add thousands of dollars to the cost of a video borescope or videoscope. The Vuman's remote focus feature eliminates all the issues that have been associated with tip adapters.

The Vuman video borescope is currently the most advanced borescope manufactured for industrial applications. The system remains portable, light weight and durable with carbon fiber construction and aluminum alloy construction. Advanced features of the Vuman video borescope also include; an internal 320 GB hard drive for storage of jpeg and mpeg video, powerful HID light source, user friendly menus and an on board operators guide.

The Vuman video borescope is designed for remote visual inspection at power generation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, process and other industrial plants. Applications will include: turbines, boiler tubes, heat exchangers, steam feed lines, foreign object search and retrieval, orbital weld inspections, pressure vessels, purity piping, rotating machinery, pipes, gear boxes, and other difficult to inspect areas of industrial plants.

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