New PTZx Inspection Camera System

The new PTZx Inspection Camera is an industrial pan tilt and zoom inspection camera. The inspection camera will be able to access openings as small as 4 inches (100mm). Designed to inspect; Storage Tank & Vessels (underground & aboveground), Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels, Fuel Pool, Refractory-lined Vessels, Drums, Towers, Stacks, Underground Vaults, Manholes, Shafts and other large areas.

The PTZ x is a Portable inspection system loaded with features to inspect tanks, vessels, drums and other large confined spaces and piping. State-of-the-art white LED lighting provides over 1000 lumens of light along with add-on auxiliary lighting brightens the darkest of environments. Coupled with a low-lux, high-resolution CCD imager, zoom optics, continuous pan rotation and 270° of tilt, this sub-4" camera provides excellent quality images with which well-informed decisions can be made.

Advanced features of the PTZx pan, tilt and zoom inspection camera include:

  • Super-bright White LED Lighting
  • High-beam auxiliary spotlights
  • High-resolution low-lux color CCD imager
  • Intuitive joystick control with on-screen graphics
  • Continuous pan rotation with no limits
  • Flexi-base for straight or right angle cable connection
  • Lightweight cable drum with integral controller
  • Pressurize-able and Purge-able


The PTZx inspection camera will be available with powerful options for the highest resolution. The standard system will have a 12x digital zoom and 12x optical zoom for 144x zoom capability. There will also be an HD version that offers 12x digital and 36x optical zoom for 32x total zoom capability.

In addition to the powerful zoom capability the PTZx inspection camera system will offer powerful illumination to include optional auxiliary lights for the darkest and most distant applications.

The combination of powerful zooming, illumination and remotely controlled pan and tilt allows the PTZx inspection camera to inspect the largest tanks and vessels with ease. This allows inspection where it is physically impossible to go, too dangerous or requires confined space entry.

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