Kombi Inspection Camera At ASNT Conference

AIT will be introducing an exciting new remote visual inspection camera for sale and rent at the annual ASNT conference October 26 - 29, 2015. The conference will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT and AIT will be found at booth 533.

AIT will be introducing the Kombi, a new remote visual inspection camera designed to inspect pipes, tube, heat exchangers, boilers, and other industrial lines for defects such as blockages and corrosion. The Kombi inspection camera includes two push rods on a single reel to match the balance of flexibility and "push-ability" depending on your remote visual inspection camera requirements. The push rods include a stiffer 100 meter length cable for long straighter pipe runs and the 60 meter Varioflex for applications that include multiple bends with twist and turns. The Kombi also offers a range of interchangeable camera heads that range from 16, 18, 23 and 32mm diameter.

Kombi Inspection Camera is Designed For Industrial Applications

The Kombi is perfect for industrial inspections in confined spaces due to the small profile and light weight design. The high resolution remote visual inspection camera also includes the ability to save video or still images, annotate inspections with text and more. AIT looks forward to showcasing the new Kombi to the non destructive test industry. Applications include:

Heat Exchanger tubes

The Kombi is perfect for inspection of heat exchanger tubes found at industrial facilities. Proper function heat exchangers and boilers is critical to efficient plant operation. Inspectors can use the Kombi inspection camera to check scale and rust and other deposits that that may cause blockages, cracks, warping, bulges and ultimately failure.

Cleaning Validation

The Kombi inspection camera is frequently used at pharmaceutical, chemical and fertilizer plants to inspect process lines for residual product that may remain after cleaning. Residual product can contaminate the following batch of product and needs to be detected.

Small Diameter Chiller Tubes

The Kombi's flexible push rods and small diameter camera heads are the perfect inspection camera for viewing the inside of small chiller tubes. No other inspection camera has the combination of flexibility with the ability to be pushed over long distances. These features provide the Kombi with the ability to navigate the complex twists and turns that can be found in industrial chiller tubes.

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