The New Mincord inspection camera

The New Mincord inspection camera now offer smaller camera heads to allow easy inspection of drain lines as small as 1/2 inch. Technology has made it possible to manufacture smaller diameter CCD cameras which in turn allow new visual inspection cameras to be designed to access drain lines as small as 1/2 inch. The new generation of drain inspection cameras offer length of up to 100 feet, still image recording and video recording. The small diameter drain inspection cameras also included a removable SD or USB to transfer files to a PC.

Inspection Camera New Mincord Inspection Camera

The Mincord has many applications to include plumbing, heat exchanger tubes, small diameter boiler tubes, interior of aircraft wings, drain lines, HVAC, and many other commercial and industrial inspections. Industrial customers such as power generation, petrochemical, process and food plants have found the new generation of cameras extremely useful for all of their small diameter applications.