New Industrial Video Borescope From AIT

The New iRis DVR 5 industrial video borescope is designed to inspect remote
spaces for industrial customers. Features include comparison measurement, large
5" LCD Screen, 4-wayarticulation, battery power and interchangeable tip optics.

The new iRis DVR 5 Industrial Video borescope is portable, hand held and weighs
in at only 2.9 pound (1.35 Kg). The flexible probe can snake through areas as
small as 4.0mm (.155 inch). The iRis DVR 5 is the latest industrial video
borescope from Advanced Inspection Technologies to break the barriers of
portability while offering a true high-resolution image and advanced features.
The iRis DVR 5 is perfect for the most challenging inspections that require
portability without sacrificing advanced features. Advanced Inspection
Technologies expects robust sales of the iRis DVR 5 industrial video borescope
due to high demand for a full-featured system that is portable and affordable.

The new iRis DVR 5 industrial video borescope offers users a variety of useful
features: A tough tungsten braided sheath provides exceptional durability and
wear resistance, high resolution CCD imager for the clearest images,
interchangeable tip optics, side view capability, water proof to 30 feet, 4-way tip
articulation allows viewing around corners, a brilliant adjustable LED light
illuminates the area being inspected, still images and video can be recorded on
the removable 32GB SD memory card; best of all a rechargeable internal battery
offers several hours of continuous operation. The iRis DVR 5 also includes on
screen comparison measurement for the most critical inspections.

The new iRis DVR 5 industrial video borescope was designed for remote visual
inspection at power generation, petrochemical, process, food, and
pharmaceutical plants. Law enforcement officials and other professionals will also
find the portability and features of the new iRis DVR 5 useful. Applications
include: inspection of gas turbines, aircraft, high purity weld inspection, HVAC,
industrial and commercial pipes, heat exchangers, boiler tubes, process lines and

Advanced Inspection Technologies is located in Melbourne, FL. Currently the
fastest growing provider of industrial video borescope tools worldwide. Advanced
Inspection Technologies(AIT) industrial video borescope, videoscope and pipe
inspection cameras help our customers to quickly and efficiently conduct visual
inspections of the most remote reaches of their plant and equipment. AIT
currently has customers in dozens of countries and five continents. Industries we
serve include: power generation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper,

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