Rent New GE Borescope For Your Next Inspection

AIT has added the GE borescope to our rental program. The new GE Mentor IQ is available to rental from AIT for those customers that need the absolute best performance from a video borescope. The GE Mentor IQ has the absolute best image, articulation, ease of use and durability of any video borescope manufactured.

AIT added the GE Mentor IQ video borescope rental is available to meet the need of industrial visual inspection at power plant, refineries, chemical plants, paper mils and more. a brilliant high definition video borescope image is needed to ensure all defects and found in the most efficient manner possible. The GE Mentor IQ has both forward and side view inter changeable tip adapters to allow users to customize the image on the spot for the best image. A Large 6.5" LCD display combines portability with a perfectly balanced design.

The GE borescope rental is also available with an internal better for optimal operation where AC power is not available. High capacity lithium ion batteries provide light wight and enough power to keep you going. Wind turbine applications will appreciate the portability of the GE borescope rental for visual inspection of wind turbines.

Few borescope rentals are available with a diameter as thin as 6.1mm (.240") and a length of 8m (25'). Perfect for purity weld inspections that require a thin diameter borescope and long length.  The tungsten brain of the GE borescope is reliable and will not fail during a critical inspection the way stainless steel braids will. The GE Mentor IQ is also one of the few video borescopes that will reliably articulate at such long lengths. Other video borescopes do not offer articulation in these lengths or are subject to failure and expensive repairs. The GE Mentor IQ is the perfect video borescope to rent for the the most demanding inspection where reliability and image quality are an absolute must.