Foreign Object Retrieval Tools Remove Loose Parts and Debris From Inside Industrial Systems

Foreign Material Exclusion programs are part of safe operating precedure at any industrial plant. Infortunately, sometimes loose parts, foreign material, tools and other potentially hazardus objects find their way into industrial systems. Traditionally, plant engineers have had to resort to cutting lines or dissembling equipment in order to gain access to difficult to reach areas and remove the offending object. Cutting lines open and disembling indutrial systems is expensive, times consumming and delays a plants ability to quickly return to operation.

Special Equipment For Retrieving Foreign Objects, Loose Parts and Dropped Tools Industrial Retrieval Tools

Foreign object search and retrieval tools are part of any sound remote visual inspection program. Engineers are able to locate foreign objects deep within their plant and remove them in an efficient manner using these tools. Foreign object retrieval tools include: snares, alligator jaws, magnets and hooks. These tools can be attached to the outside of a borescope or pushed to more distant locations with push poles and a pipe inspection camera. Dropped parts and foreign objects can be retrieved from as far away as 200 feet.

Click here to view a video of a Foreign Object Retrieval at Power Plant

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