Foreign Material Exclusion Tools For Your Next Outage

Foreign material exclusion and retrieval tools should be a standard inventory item for all power plants during their outages. Lets face it, systems break and accidents happen. These events can easily leave your outage at risk. Being prepared to retrieve lost tools or broken components is the smart way slow downs. Every power plant should have at a minimum some sort of borescope or push rod camera to help locate foreign material in their industrial systems. Along with the borescope a variety of retrieval tools are available to remove lost objects foreign material. AIT offers a variety of grasping jaws, snares, powerful magnets and hooks to remove these items from deep with in an industrial system. AIT offers retrieval kits that are capable of locating and removing foreign material as far away as 200 ft. (30M). Learn More About AIT's Retrieval Tools

Even with the best FME program, accidents happen. Whether it is a dropped part, foreign object, broken component or other foreign material, AIT offers a a full range of inspection cameras and foreign material exclusion retrieval tools. Our tools will locate and retrieve loose parts through existing accesses and ensure a safe start-up. No need to cut into your piping or disassemble unnecessary components.

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