Fiberscope Care and Maintenance

It may sound like a simple concept but over the years I have witnessed multiple fiberscopes and borescopes that

have been returned for completely avoidable fiberscope repairs. Operators need to understand that remote visual inspection equipment has some limitations, but with the proper care and handling a fiberscope or borescope can last for years.

Some simple rules for proper care and maintenance of a fiberscope:

  • Do not immerse the fiberscope body in liquids. Although the flexible insertion tube is completely water proof, the eyepiece is not.
  • Do not subject the scope to corrosive fluids. A reasonable rule to follow is that if you can place your hand in it you can use the fiberscope.
  • Do not exceed temperatures of 176° F (80° C)
  • Do not expose a fiberscope to sources of radiation for extended periods. This will cause the fiber optic bundle to discolor and loose light transmission.
  • Never leave the scope unattended.
  • Never force the working length of a fiberscope into or out of an inspection area.
  • Never bind or coil the flexible working length. This will damage the fiber optics and reduce image quality. It may also damage articulation cables.
  • Always clean the fiberscope when finshed with your inspection. A simple houshold window cleaner or equivalent will suffice.
  • Always return the scope to its proper storage case when finished. Before closing the lid ensure that the insertion tube and light guide are safely inside.

If you follow these rules I outlined, chances are your fiberscope will last for a long time without incident.

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