• Rent New GE Borescope For Your Next Inspection

    AIT has added the GE borescope to our rental program. The new GE Mentor IQ is available to rental from AIT for those customers that need the absolute best performance from a video borescope. The GE Mentor IQ has the absolute best image, articulation, ease of use and durability of any video borescope manufactured.

    AIT added the GE Mentor IQ video borescope rental is available to meet the need of industrial visual inspection at power plant, refineries, chemical plants, paper mils and more. a brilliant high definition video borescope image is needed to ensure all defects and found in the most efficient manner possible. The GE Mentor IQ has both forward and side view inter changeable tip adapters to allow users to customize the image on the spot for the best image. A Large 6.5" LCD display combines portability with a perfectly balanced design.

    The GE borescope rental is also available with an internal better for optimal operation where AC power is not available. High capacity lithium ion batteries provide light wight and enough power to keep you going. Wind turbine applications will appreciate the portability of the GE borescope rental for visual inspection of wind turbines.

    Few borescope rentals are available with a diameter as thin as 6.1mm (.240") and a length of 8m (25'). Perfect for purity weld inspections that require a thin diameter borescope and long length.  The tungsten brain of the GE borescope is reliable and will not fail during a critical inspection the way stainless steel braids will. The GE Mentor IQ is also one of the few video borescopes that will reliably articulate at such long lengths. Other video borescopes do not offer articulation in these lengths or are subject to failure and expensive repairs. The GE Mentor IQ is the perfect video borescope to rent for the the most demanding inspection where reliability and image quality are an absolute must.

  • Rent Video Borescopes To Inspect Orbital Welds

    Advanced inspection Technologies inc. offers a large selection of video borescopes for inspection of orbital welds. High purity orbital weld are commonly used is pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, food and industries that require controlled a environment. Gas and liquids that pass through high purity pipes need to remain pure. An improper weld that joins pipes can cause impurities to collect. Certified weld inspectors can identify weld that are oxidized, improperly beaded, or where there is too much or too little weld penetration. Certified weld inspectors frequently rent video borescopes from AIT to inspect these welds in high purity piping.

    AIT can rent video borescopes up to 100 ft in length with diameters as small as 4.0mm (0.157 in). Fiber optic borescopes are available on special request as small as 0.35mm (.014"). Orbital weld inspectors can rental video borescopes such as the Vuman, Iplex, Iris DVR, or Milliscope II for small diameter applications.

    When you rent video borescopes it is important to understand the advantages of each:

    Olympus Iplex

    The Olympus Iplex is well designed for inspection of orbital welds. The probe length is 7.5m (24.6') and probe diameter is 6.0mm (.25"). The length is important for weld inspectors to be able to see inside long sections of pipe. The video borescope diameter is also perfect for a majority of pipe diameters to allow passage around tight bends and turns. The Iplex also includes interchangeable side view tips to help achieve high resolution images of orbital welds. The Iplex also includes a large 7.5" LCF display for easy review of work.

    iRis DVR

    The iRis DVR video borescope is a portable hand held video borescope. Features include battery power, a high resolution 5 inch LCD and the ability recording an annotate video onto a 32MB SD card. The iRis DVR video borescope has 2 side view tip adapters which are perfect for viewing orbital welds in different diameter pipes. The iRis DVR video borescope is available in lengths up to 7.5m (24.6') and diameters of 4, 6 and 8mm (.157", .236" and .315").


    The Vuman video borescope has several unique features that make it ideally suited for orbital weld inspections. Remote focus allows the weld inspector to always achieve the best image regardless of the distance to the weld. A Large 10.4" LCD provides the largest viewing screen of any video borescope. Finally, the Vuman video borescope is the only system that is stored on a reel, this means there is no unused borescope coiled on the floor.

    Milliscope II

    The Milliscope II is a small diameter borescope system available to rent. The Milliscope II is available in a variety of diameters and lengths depending on your requirements. The Milliscope II is available in diameters as thin as .35mm (.014") several lengths are also available. The Milliscope II is perfect If you need to rent video borescopes to inspect pipes that have an extremely small inner diameter or challenging bends, twists and turns that other video borescope cannot make.

    The next time you need to rent video borescopes to inspect orbital welds remember that AIT has the most complete inventory, the knowledge and support to make your inspection a success.

  • AIT Adds New Olympus Borescope Rental Equipment

    AIT recently added the new Olympus IPLEX RT video borescope to our rental fleet. The new Olympus Borescope Rental equipment was added for those customers that demand the highest resolution and advanced features.

    The Olympus borescope rental
    offers the best image quality with their unique PulsarPic™ image processing. The IPLEX RT video borescope faithfully and brightly reproduce very small defects, and the sharp and clear images enable accurate and reliable inspections.

    The IPLEX  RT Olympus borescope rental features a new LED illumination system that is approximately twice as bright as conventional videoscopes, while dynamically adjusting light output to reduce halation when metal or reflective surfaces are inspected. The PulsarPic™ image processor interacts intelligently with our illumination system to deliver an optimized amount of light and gain enhancement to provide images that are very clear and sharply defined.

    The Olympus Borescope rental of the RT can record inspected images to a removable USB flash drive as JPEG still images and MPEG–4 movies. The improved image quality of recorded images and movies enables accurate image diagnosis not only in the field but also at the office with the use of our free image management software, InHelp viewer.

    The IPLEX RX and RT weigh just 2.9 kg/ 6.4 lb including the two‐hour operating Li‐ion battery. The compact and portable design allows you not only to easily ship or transport the IPLEX RX and RT to inspection sites but to smoothly carry them to difficult-to-access locations.

    AIT is proud to add the new Olympus borescope rental equipment help our rental customers achieve better inspection results. Please call AIT and reserve your rental today.

  • Mincam Duo Pipe Camera Rental Is Perfect For Heat Exchanger Inspections

    AIT has a huge selection of different options for our industrial customer that need to visually inspect the interior of heat exchanger tubes. AIT has video borescopes and pipe cameras that are perfect for inspecting all diameter and length heat exchanger tubes.

    The Mincam is a great inspection camera rental to choose for inspecting any diameter heat exchanger tube. The Mincam Duo includes two independent push rod cameras to support cameras that are as small as 1/2 inch diameter all the way to 2 inches. For an inspection to go well the push rod or pipe cameras rental equipment must be able to fit in the heat exchanger tube and make the bends that are required for a single pass inspection. The Mincam Duo pipe camera rental includes the half inch camera to inspect tubes as small as 1/2 inch to 2 inch diameter. For slightly larger diameter pipes an 18mm camera head is used. Finally, there is a 1.0 inch and a 2 inch camera option to inspect lines as large as 24 inches in diameter.

    When renting the Mincam Duo customers are also pleased with the portable and light weight design that make it easy to transport around industrial plants. The inspection camera also includes an SD card for recording video and still images.

  • AIT to Exhibit New Olympus Video Borescope Rental Equipment

    The ASNT Annual Conference 2014 will provide Advanced Inspection Technologies Inc. a forum to demonstrate all the latest remote visual inspection equipment that AIT offerers for sale and rental. The newest addition to AIT’s rapidly growing pool of borescope rental equipment is the IPLEX RT video borescope. The addition of new Olympus video borescope rental equipment will ensure that AIT can meet the most demanding needs of our rental customers.

    In addition AIT will have several different types of video borescopes, pipe cameras and small diameter fiberscopes on display. AIT is the only remote visual inspection rental company that offers in-depth knowledge of remote visual inspection equipment. No other company offers such a wide variety of borescopes and inspection cameras for rent.

    Having an expert staff in the field of remote visual inspection and a wide choice of instruments available allows AIT to help our customers select the best instrument for their particular inspection. Other rental companies have little knowledge of the remote visual inspection equipment they rent and do not have a sufficient inventory properly help most inspection requirements. Instead they simply rent the same borescope regardless of the inspection

  • Video Borescope Rental History

    AIT is moving our blog and we would like to bring along some of the past video borescope rental that we have done for a wide variety of applications over the past several years.

    Videoscope Rented To Retrieve Objects From Transformer

    Monday, August 6, 2012 8:45:02 AM America/New_York

    AIT just completed the rental of a videoscope and retrieval tool to locate and remove foreign objects from inside a transformer. The objects were small and required a 6mm diameter videoscope to snake back into the area were to foreign material was located. Several retrieval tools were also used to grab the material and pull from the tranformer.
    Posted in Videoscope Rental By System Administrator

    AIT Adds 4mm Diameter Borescope to Rental Pool

    Friday, June 22, 2012 3:35:08 PM America/New_York

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  • Videoscope Rental Inspects Press at Plastics Plant

    Videoscope Rental Equipment Inspects Industrial Plastics Press Videoscope Rental Equipment Inspects Industrial Plastics Press

    A plastics bag manufacurer recently needed to shut down production on a massive plasitc press that made common house hold garbage bags. The press had developed a leak in a channel that forced the shut down. The only way to view the location and determine the exact source of the leak was with a videoscope that was rented for this specific purpose.

    Videoscope Rental Click to View Videoscope Rental Equipment

    The videoscope rental equipment arrived at the customers location the next morning and was used to snake down the channel to locate the exact location of the leak. The plastics manufacturer was able to capture images of the remote inspection done on the massive press with the videoscope rented for future reference. One time emergency inspections that require videoscopes to inspect remote locations make renting the logical choice. The customer is able to pick from a wide variety of videoscopes to best complete their inspection at a fraction of the cost of owning equipment.

  • Borescope Rental Equipment Inspects Plasma Rocket

    Advanced Inspection Technologies(AIT) was proud to be able to provide video borescope rental equipment to Ad Astra Rocket to conduct an inspection of their new rocket technology. AIT has the most advanced video borescopes available for short and long term rental to customer through out North America. The rocket that the borescope rental was used to inspect was an advanced plasma rocket.

    The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®) represents the future of translunar and interplanetary transportation as well as propulsion within Earth orbit. Its superb efficiency compared to that of a conventional chemical rocket allows double the payload mass for lunar delivery and half the transit time to Mars. Its robust design allows much greater power levels than existing electric propulsion systems and promises longer lifetimes.

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  • Borescope Rental Looks For Burrowing Owls

    California Borrowing Owl California Burrowing Owl

    Borescope rental is available for viewing the Burrowing Owl, a California Species of Special Concern isn’t your average owl: it doesn’t live in trees, and it’s not nocturnal. It makes its nest underground — usually in abandoned rodent burrows — and is active both day and night. But human population explosion has reduced the charismatic western burrowing owl’s breeding populations by more than 60 percent, presumably in response to loss of habitat to urban development, ground squirrel control efforts, and intensive agriculture practices.

    In California a pipe line is proposed to be constructed and would go through an area that is inhabited by the California burrowing owl. In order for the pipe line project to be built the owls that inhabit the area will need to be relocated. The owls can only be relocated if it is proven that they are not currently nesting with eggs waiting to hatch.

    In order to determine the nesting situation of the owls it was determined that a borescope could be inserted into the nests and visually view the condition of the nest. If no eggs were detected using the borescope then the owls could be recollected and the pipe line project could continue. Advanced Inspection Technologies was asked to provide borescope rental equipment to inspect the nests. The borescope rental was a cost effective way to inspect the nests with the most advanced remote visual inspection equipment available.

  • Video Borescope Rental Inspects The Civil Rights Memorial

    Borescope Rental Modern Flexible Video Borescope

    Recently, Advanced inspection Technologies (AIT) was pleased to be involved with restoration work of the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, AL. AIT provided a flexible video borescope rental to inspect the interior plumbing of the memorial. Engineers rented the video borescope from AIT to snake through a pipe that normally delivers water to the memorial to conduct a remote visual inspection.

    Engineers used the video borescope rental equipment to navigate and the length of the pipe and check the interior condition. The video borescope they rented from AIT to inspect the civil rights memorial was able to easily navigate the pipe line and help engineers determine that the interior condition was good. Without the assistance of AIT’s video borescope rentals there would of been no way to inspect the interior condition of the memorial without tear down of the structure.

    Borescope Equipment Rented From AIT Insects the Civil Rights Memorial Flexible Video Borescope Equipment Rented From AIT Inspects the Civil Rights Memorial

    The Civil Rights Memorial honors the achievements and memory of those who lost their lives during the Civil Rights Movement, in the United States. Created by Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Maya Lin. the striking black granite memorial is located across the street from the Southern Poverty Law Center's office building in Montgomery, Alabama. The Memorial is just around the corner from the church where Dr. King served as pastor during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955-1956, and the capitol steps where the Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march ended in 1965.

    The circular fountain provides a timeline of important events in the civil rights movement, beginning in 1954 with the Supreme Court decision to integrate American schools (Brown vs. the Board of Education) and ending with Dr. King's murder in 1968. It also records the names of 40 men, women, and children who lost their lives working for social justice. A thin pool of water flows over this circular table.

    Advanced Inspection Technologies (AIT) is a leader for rentals of videoscopes, video borescopes, pipe inspection cameras and infrared cameras. Throughout the years AIT's video borescope rental equipment has been used to solve a variety of inspection application. Architectural and historic borescope inspections are always interesting to be involved in.

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