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  • AIT Adds New Industrial minCam Push Camera Family

    AIT is pleased to announce the addition of the minCam push camera family to our extensive line of remote visual inspection products. The new minCam push cameras are extremely portable and designed for industrial inspections. Choose from 4 different configuations to best meet your inspection requirements. There is the Ultra portable MC15 frame which is perfect for use in small and confined spaces such as mud drums, heat exchangers, chillers, Boilers and more. The MC30 / MC30Duo push cameras have a compete selection of interchangeable camera heads to inspect pipes as small as 15mm diameter and as large as 200mm. For the larger pipes (up to 400mm) there is now the MC50 / MC50Duo and MC80. Now you can perform a wide variety of pipe inspections, loose parts retrievals, turbine clean outs and tank and vessel inspections.

    minCam Push Camera Family

    The minCam is available with the ultra portable MC15 frame. The MC15 can utilize either a 13mm (1/2") camera head or a 18mm (3/4") camera head. The MC15 includes a 30m (100') push rod cable. The MC15 push camera has a very small profile and weighs only 6.9kg (14.9 lb.) The MC15 push camera is the most portable industrial grade push camera available anywhere.

    The MC30 is a slightly larger frame, but still very portable and easy for one person to transport. The MC30 is available with either a single or double push rod. 13mm (1/2"), 18mm (3/4") and 29mm (1.1") interchangeable camera heads are available for the MC30 push camera system.

    The MC50 can include 60m (200') push rod cable and a 55mm (2") camera head. The MC50Duo is available with a second interior push rod that can utilize either the 18mm (3/4") and 29mm (1.1") camera heads. The MC50 also includes an 8" TFT LCD with keyboard in a clam shell protective case.

    Finally there is the MC80 which includes 130m (425') of heavy duty push rod cable and the KK55; 55mm (2") camera head. The MC80 minCam push camera is the best solution for larger jobs that require inspection over long distances in larger pipes. Also included is the larger 8" TFT LCD and the frame includes wheels for easier transportation.

  • Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchangers

    AIT offers several options for our customer that need to rent inspection cameras for shell and tube heat exchangers. Tube bundles need to be periodically inspected for potential problems such as the build up of deposits, blockages and other defects that cause damage to tube walls and reduce the efficiency for these types of heat exchangers. A common type of heat exchanger is a Shell and tube. Depending on the tube diameter, length and accessibility you may choose a different inspection camera to rent for you next inspection.

    Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchanger Tubes:

    1. Kombi Double Push Camera

    Kombi inspection camera is a light weight and portable remote visual inspection camera for industrial applications Kombi Double Push Camera

    The Kombi is a great rental choice when portability, battery power is required. The Kombi inspection camera includes two push cables and four camera heads so you can configure it on the spot. This ability to use different stiffness push cables or camera heads allows you to inspect several diameter heat exchanger tubes with one inspection camera system. The Kombi is capable of inspecting heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 8" ID.

    2. Mincam Duo Push Camera

    Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchanger Tubes like the Mincam Duo Push Camera Mincam Duo Push Camera

    The Mincam Duo is available with 150 ft or 100 ft main push rod cable. a 3/4", 1.0" or 2.0" camera head can be attached to the push rod spending on the diameter of the heat exchanger tube you intend to inspect. For extra small diameter tubes the MinCam Duo includes a 1/2" camera with up to 100 ft of push cable. The combination of push rods and interchangeable camera heads allows you to inspect tubes from 3/4" ID to 12" ID.

    3. Small Line Camera (SLC)

    The SLC is designed to inspect small industrial pipes bores and tubes. The push rod cable is available in lengths up to 100 ft. and camera diameters from 1/2", 3/4" and 1.0". Super high resolution and brilliant illumination make the SLC a great choice when the best image is needed. The SLC can see the smallest defect in your heat exchanger tube. A smart all in one case design makes the SLC easy to use. Just open and turn on. Included features are 4 hours of battery life, video and still image recording. The SCL is perfect for inspection of heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 4.0"

    4. Mincord Inspection Camera

    Mincord portable push camera for inspection of small pipes
    The Mincord is a super portable push camera with 50' or 100' of flexible push cable. The camera is 1/2" diameter on a super flexible spring. The Mincord inspection camera is a great choice where portability is the most important consideration. The small size allows access into any confined space. Video or still image capture can be done on an SD card. The Mincord is capable of inspecting heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 2.5" diameter.

    Each inspection camera from AIT offers its own advantages and benefits. When you speak with one of our representatives they will guide you through your selection based on you individual requirements.

  • Kombi Inspection Camera At ASNT Conference

    AIT will be introducing an exciting new remote visual inspection camera for sale and rent at the annual ASNT conference October 26 - 29, 2015. The conference will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT and AIT will be found at booth 533.

    AIT will be introducing the Kombi, a new remote visual inspection camera designed to inspect pipes, tube, heat exchangers, boilers, and other industrial lines for defects such as blockages and corrosion. The Kombi inspection camera includes two push rods on a single reel to match the balance of flexibility and "push-ability" depending on your remote visual inspection camera requirements. The push rods include a stiffer 100 meter length cable for long straighter pipe runs and the 60 meter Varioflex for applications that include multiple bends with twist and turns. The Kombi also offers a range of interchangeable camera heads that range from 16, 18, 23 and 32mm diameter.

    Kombi Inspection Camera is Designed For Industrial Applications

    The Kombi is perfect for industrial inspections in confined spaces due to the small profile and light weight design. The high resolution remote visual inspection camera also includes the ability to save video or still images, annotate inspections with text and more. AIT looks forward to showcasing the new Kombi to the non destructive test industry. Applications include:

    Heat Exchanger tubes

    The Kombi is perfect for inspection of heat exchanger tubes found at industrial facilities. Proper function heat exchangers and boilers is critical to efficient plant operation. Inspectors can use the Kombi inspection camera to check scale and rust and other deposits that that may cause blockages, cracks, warping, bulges and ultimately failure.

    Cleaning Validation

    The Kombi inspection camera is frequently used at pharmaceutical, chemical and fertilizer plants to inspect process lines for residual product that may remain after cleaning. Residual product can contaminate the following batch of product and needs to be detected.

    Small Diameter Chiller Tubes

    The Kombi's flexible push rods and small diameter camera heads are the perfect inspection camera for viewing the inside of small chiller tubes. No other inspection camera has the combination of flexibility with the ability to be pushed over long distances. These features provide the Kombi with the ability to navigate the complex twists and turns that can be found in industrial chiller tubes.

  • AIT Partners With Envirosight To Sell CCTV Inspection Camera Equipment

    AIT has recently partnered with Envirosight to distribute their CCTV inspection camera equipment to the industrial market place. The new partnership brings the best quality cctv video pipe crawlers to the industrial market place for the first time. AIT will be introducing the new line of CCTV camera robots known as the ROVVER to petrochemical, process, pharmacuetical and electric power generation plants throughout North America.

    The ROVVER cctv camera is a robotic  inspection camera that can inspect pipelines as small as 4 inches and as large as 6.5 Ft. The Rovver can range as far as 1,640 Ft with an automatic cable reel. More portable systems will still reach 328 Ft. The Rovver robotic pipe crawler also includes a high resolution pan till and zoom camera to give the most detailed inspection results. Other features include a daylight readable touchscreen LCD, sonde, distance counter, steerable 6-wheel drive, highly adaptable architecture, unmatched portability—and enhances it with an extended crawl range (1000' with options up to 1650’), simplified 3-piece system layout, and powerful touchscreen control pendant.

    The new pendant captures days worth of MPEG video and JPEG still images, and lets you enter observations for direct upload to WinCan. Twin multifunction joysticks keep operation simple and natural, while handy macros automate everyday inspection routines. The pendant accepts USB media, and connects via ROVVER-Link for remote diagnostics and firmware updates.

    Both pendant and crawler connect directly to the reel—no control unit is required, which makes the system exceptionally portable and simple to set up. To maximize range, the reel uses light yet strong cable (0.03 lb./ft with 1000 lb. break strength), and continuously monitors cable tension to minimize drag on the crawler.

    ROVVER cctv inspection camera also delivers several other firsts for a mid-size ROVVER crawler: a detachable remote-operated camera lift, three onboard cameras, integrated sensor package (sonde, dual lasers, inclination, roll), and concurrent control for all camera, reel and crawler functions. High-power drivetrain, proportional steering and zero-radius pivot further enhance ROVVER’s agility.

  • Mincam Duo Pipe Camera Rental Is Perfect For Heat Exchanger Inspections

    AIT has a huge selection of different options for our industrial customer that need to visually inspect the interior of heat exchanger tubes. AIT has video borescopes and pipe cameras that are perfect for inspecting all diameter and length heat exchanger tubes.

    The Mincam is a great inspection camera rental to choose for inspecting any diameter heat exchanger tube. The Mincam Duo includes two independent push rod cameras to support cameras that are as small as 1/2 inch diameter all the way to 2 inches. For an inspection to go well the push rod or pipe cameras rental equipment must be able to fit in the heat exchanger tube and make the bends that are required for a single pass inspection. The Mincam Duo pipe camera rental includes the half inch camera to inspect tubes as small as 1/2 inch to 2 inch diameter. For slightly larger diameter pipes an 18mm camera head is used. Finally, there is a 1.0 inch and a 2 inch camera option to inspect lines as large as 24 inches in diameter.

    When renting the Mincam Duo customers are also pleased with the portable and light weight design that make it easy to transport around industrial plants. The inspection camera also includes an SD card for recording video and still images.

  • AIT to Exhibit New Olympus Video Borescope Rental Equipment

    The ASNT Annual Conference 2014 will provide Advanced Inspection Technologies Inc. a forum to demonstrate all the latest remote visual inspection equipment that AIT offerers for sale and rental. The newest addition to AIT’s rapidly growing pool of borescope rental equipment is the IPLEX RT video borescope. The addition of new Olympus video borescope rental equipment will ensure that AIT can meet the most demanding needs of our rental customers.

    In addition AIT will have several different types of video borescopes, pipe cameras and small diameter fiberscopes on display. AIT is the only remote visual inspection rental company that offers in-depth knowledge of remote visual inspection equipment. No other company offers such a wide variety of borescopes and inspection cameras for rent.

    Having an expert staff in the field of remote visual inspection and a wide choice of instruments available allows AIT to help our customers select the best instrument for their particular inspection. Other rental companies have little knowledge of the remote visual inspection equipment they rent and do not have a sufficient inventory properly help most inspection requirements. Instead they simply rent the same borescope regardless of the inspection

  • Video Borescope Rental History

    AIT is moving our blog and we would like to bring along some of the past video borescope rental that we have done for a wide variety of applications over the past several years.

    Videoscope Rented To Retrieve Objects From Transformer

    Monday, August 6, 2012 8:45:02 AM America/New_York

    AIT just completed the rental of a videoscope and retrieval tool to locate and remove foreign objects from inside a transformer. The objects were small and required a 6mm diameter videoscope to snake back into the area were to foreign material was located. Several retrieval tools were also used to grab the material and pull from the tranformer.
    Posted in Videoscope Rental By System Administrator

    AIT Adds 4mm Diameter Borescope to Rental Pool

    Friday, June 22, 2012 3:35:08 PM America/New_York

    Continue reading
  • Duct Inspection Camera

    The new Wohler Vis 350 is the perfect duct inspection camera. The new Vis 350 includes a flexible 100 Ft. push rod cable that can snake through ducts and HVAC systems with ease. The Vis 350 also includes a pan and tilt camera head for all direction viewing. Other duct inspection cameras can only see directly in front of them and are not able to rotate the camera head to view side walls of ducts and passageways. It is important to have a duct inspection camera to view HVAC systems and detect dust, mold, contamination, asbestos and over all condition.

    A duct inspection camera such as the Wohler VIS350 has more features that make it the best duct inspection camera available. The pan and rotate camera heads allows you to see all area of the duct. There is a "return home" feature that orients the camera forward with the press of a button for easy navigation when inspecting HVAC ductwork. A distance counter tells the operator how far the duct camera has travelled to locate any problem. For even more accurate location there is and optional radio locator that can locate the duct camera head and eliminate unnecessary tear down. A selection of brushes and guides help to center the Vis350 duct camera to improved inspection results.

  • AIT Will Be Exhibiting Their Pipe Cameras At The International Water Conference

    AIT will exhibit our pipe cameras at the International Water Conference November 17-12 at Orlando, Florida. The international water conference presents the latest in scientific advances and practical applications in this field, cutting across a wide range of industries, technologies and functional areas. As the preeminent international technical forum in the field, the IWC brings together end users, researchers, practicing engineers, managers, educators, suppliers and contractors. It is dedicated to advancing new developments in the treatment, use and reuse of water for industrial and other engineering purposes. Attendees come to learn unbiased details about the latest applications available in the industry, get educated on current technology and hold wide ranging discussions with their peers active in water treatment.

    Advanced Inspection Technologies will be exhibiting their range of pipe cameras at the event. AIT offers pipe cameras that can inspect industrial heat exchangers, boilers, feed water heaters and other pipe systems. AIT's pipe cameras are available in lengths up to 200 meters (656 Ft) and can fit in the smallest diameter pipes and tubes found at industrial plants. Pipe cameras can be used by plants and water treatment firms to determine the extent of erosion, pitting, scale and other deposits that can quickly damage industrial pipes. Custmoers from a variety of industries such as power generation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper and other process plants will be able to see the value AIT's pipe camera bring to their plants by inspecting piping systems and locating problems.

  • New LCD Now Available For The MinCam Pipe Cameras

    A new 8.4 inch high resolution LCD is now available for the Mincam and Duo pipe cameras. The Mincam and Duo pipe camera systems will continue to be offered with the super portable 5.6 inch LCD and the New LCD Plus will be an upgrade.

    The New LCD Plus is housed in an industrial hard clam shell pelican case. The LCD Plus mounts on the handle of the Duo and Mincam pipe cameras. Existing systems can be upgraded to use the new LCD. The new design includes a larger 8.4 inch sun light readable LCD with 800 x 600 pixel resolution compared to 640 x 480 on the smaller LCD (A 150% improvememt). Images and video can be stored on the on board SD card. The SD card is removable to transfer files to a PC for review and adding to reports. A built in microphone allows inspectors to record important details about their inspection directly on associated video and still images. The LCD Plus also includes a full QWERTY key board for text annotation.

    The combined features and convenience of the larger 8.4 LCD make the LCD Plus a smart addition for you new or existing mincam or duo pipe cameras.

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