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  • New Milliscope HD Fiberscope Has Awesome Resolution!

    The new Milliscope HD is a small diameter fiberscope (flexible borescope) that offers super high definition images with super small diameter scopes. The Milliscope HD fiberscope has everything you need in a simple to use system. Just connect a new HD fiberscope to the camera handle and start inspecting. No more need to plug in operate cameras and light sources virtually eliminates the tangle of cables that other systems suffer from.

    The Milliscope HD fiberscope utilizes a super high resolution 1080p HD camera that is housed in an ergonomic handle along with powerful LED illumination. Other old fashioned designs require a separate light source and camera with several cables to connect a scope. The scope handle includes adjustable focus and zoom to help get the perfect image during your inspection. The scope handle also has a one touch button to capture still images or video. Other systems require you to connect to a PC to adjust the image or capture images, which is not always practical or easy.

    Scope diameters that are available range from .35mm to 4.0mm. Lengths are available as short as 61mm up to 7.5m. The Milliscope HD is perfect for inspection castings, machines parts, surgical instruments, catheters, endoscope lumens and other small passages and bores.

  • 2018 MRO Conference a Success!

    AIT recently exhibited at the 2018 MRO conference in Orlando Florida and demonstrated the GE Mentor Visual IQ with 3D phase measurement to aviation maintenance personnel from around the world. The Mentor IQ is the only video borescope with advanced 3D measurement capability to detect and measure defects with the highest degree of accuracy.

    Maintenance and repair operations rely on video borescopes like the Mentor IQ to ensure the best possible inspection of turbines in the aviation industry. The mentor IQ has the added advantage of not needing to change tip adapters to conduct borescope measurements like old fashioned stereo measurement does. The 3D point cloud also helps inspectors visualize the inspection far better than stereo.

    AIT is looking forward to a repeat performance at the 2019 conference in Atlanta, GA.

    Mentor Visual IQ video borescope Mentor Visual IQ video borescope
  • See Us At the 2017 Annual ASNT Conference

    AIT will be exhibiting at the 2017 annual ASNT conference October 30th to November 2nd. This years annual ASNT conference will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. You can find us at the conference entrance booth 1000.

    AIT will be exhibiting our video borescopes, pipe inspection cameras, Tank and Vessel inspection cameras, Small diameter inspection solutions and other remote visual inspection equipment. We look forward to speaking with you about your remote visual inspection requirements and how AIT can help.

    Equipment you can look forward to seeing includes:

    X-LED Videoscope will be displayed at the 2017 ASNT ConferenceThe NEW X-LED Plus videoscope will be available for demo! The new high definition video borescope offers probes from 2.4mm diameter and lengths up to 7.5m. An HD camera provides brilliant resolution. A high high defintion 7" widescreen LCD with a touch screen user interface makes inspections a breeze.




    The Mentor Visual IQ is the most advanced high resolution 3D measurement video borescope manufactured. The Mentor IQ is available with fully interchangeable probes with diameters of 4.0, 6.1, 6.2 and 8.4mm. The system boasts the most complete set of interchangeable tip optics including 3D stereo and 3D phased measurement. A high resolution TFT touch screen LCD makes the user interface a breeze.



    The PTZx Portable inspection system is tank and vessel inspection cameras will be available at the ASNT conference. Perfect for inspection of tanks, vessels, drums and other large confined spaces. State-of-the-art white LED lighting provides over 1000 lumens of light along with add-on auxiliary lighting brightens the darkest of environments. Coupled with a low-lux, high-resolution CCD imager, zoom optics, continuous pan rotation and 270° of tilt, this sub-4" camera provides excellent quality images with which well-informed decisions can be made.


    The MC360 is the best industrial pan and tilt pipe inspection camera. AIT will have the MC360 available for view to show off the ability to inspection long lengths of pipes and other lines without missing any detail. The 50mm diameter head is the smallest diameter pan and tilt camera head in it’s class. The small diameter allows you to inspect smaller pipes that other systems can’t.

  • Mentor Visual IQ Video Borescope Provides The Best Light and Image

    Light output is one of the most important specifications when choosing a video borescope, however, that is not the only factor that produces a high quality image. The light engine, camera technology, optics and how the image is processed all factor into a great image. The Mentor Visual IQ video borescope is the best example of how several technologies are combined to deliver a fantastic image.

    The Mentor Visual IQ video borescope utilizes a powerful LED light engine that delivers 8 times or more light output than other video borescopes. A powerful white light with a sunlight equivalent color temperature showers your inspection area to reveal every detail with perfect color accuracy.

    The Mentor Visual IQ also has the largest selection a multiple interchangeable tip optics. Different fields of view and depths of field will have a big impact on the image quality.

    The Mentor Visual IQ is also the only video borescope that utilizes 3D phased measurement. Unlike old fashioned stereo measurement, 3D measurement allows the inspection to be done without removing the borescope to change tip optics. 3D measurement also allows your measurement to be done utilizing the full screen and 100 percent of the camera. Stereo measurement forms a difficult to use split screen image and reduces resolution and accuracy by using half of the available pixels to measure.

    The Mentor Visual IQ is a generation ahead of all other video borescopes because it takes all the factors into account that make for a great image.

  • See the New XL Lv Video Borescope At The NBAA Maintenance Conference

    AIT will be exhibiting at the NBAA maintenance conference at West Palm beach May 2-4, 2017. Look for us at booth 713. The conference focuses on the challenges aircraft maintenance managers and technicians face. AIT will have the newest video borescope technology on display including the new XL Lv video borescope from General Electric.

    The new XL Lv video borescope is the perfect solution for general aviation maintenance. The perfect combination of performance, reliability and low cost. The XL Lv is manufactured in the USA by General Electric to answer the borescope needs in industries like business and general aviation. The XL Lv has all the great feature we have come to expect from and General Electric.

    Features and Benefits of the New XL Lv Video Borescope Include:

    • High resolution CCD imager that out performs the competitions lower resolution CMOS cameras.
    • Brilliant LEDs illuminate all the detail in a turbine engine.
    • A flexible sheath made from materials like tungsten and titanium because stainless steel is not always good enough when you want the best. The new XL Lv video borescope resists common wear and tear far better than any other system in the it category.
    • Powered by a rechargebale Lithium-ion battery rather than dozens of AA batteries (some other systems even rely on two separate batteries; one for the LCD display and a second to provide illumination)
    • A reliable servo-controlled joystick protects the XL Lv from over torque and provides precise tip movement. Other systems still rely on old fashioned mechanical articulation that suffers from damaged articulation from routine use.
    • The new XL Lv video borescope is MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F Standards Compliant and rated IP55 to resist ingress from dust and the entire system can with stand exposure to a water jet. Nobody else offers that level of quality and protection.


    New XL Lv Video Borescope New XL Lv Video Borescope

    The new XL Lv video borescope is perfect to inspect Rolls-Royce, Prat & Whitney, General Electric, Garrett, Honda, Williams and more. Available in 4 or 6 millimeter diameter the XL Lv can access the smallest turbines and deliver the best borescope inspection. The XL Lv is perfect to inspect all aircraft turbines, airframes, landing gear and more.

    The NBAA Maintenance conference will be an excellent opportunity to see the latest technology. We encourage everyone in the general and business aviation maintenance community to stop bye to see the New XL Lv Video Borescope at the NBAA Maintenance Conference.

    AIT is the fastest growing supplier of video borescopes and other remote visual inspection equipment to aerospace, power generation, petrochemical and other industrial customers worldwide.

  • AIT Adds New Industrial minCam Push Camera Family

    AIT is pleased to announce the addition of the minCam push camera family to our extensive line of remote visual inspection products. The new minCam push cameras are extremely portable and designed for industrial inspections. Choose from 4 different configuations to best meet your inspection requirements. There is the Ultra portable MC15 frame which is perfect for use in small and confined spaces such as mud drums, heat exchangers, chillers, Boilers and more. The MC30 / MC30Duo push cameras have a compete selection of interchangeable camera heads to inspect pipes as small as 15mm diameter and as large as 200mm. For the larger pipes (up to 400mm) there is now the MC50 / MC50Duo and MC80. Now you can perform a wide variety of pipe inspections, loose parts retrievals, turbine clean outs and tank and vessel inspections.

    minCam Push Camera Family

    The minCam is available with the ultra portable MC15 frame. The MC15 can utilize either a 13mm (1/2") camera head or a 18mm (3/4") camera head. The MC15 includes a 30m (100') push rod cable. The MC15 push camera has a very small profile and weighs only 6.9kg (14.9 lb.) The MC15 push camera is the most portable industrial grade push camera available anywhere.

    The MC30 is a slightly larger frame, but still very portable and easy for one person to transport. The MC30 is available with either a single or double push rod. 13mm (1/2"), 18mm (3/4") and 29mm (1.1") interchangeable camera heads are available for the MC30 push camera system.

    The MC50 can include 60m (200') push rod cable and a 55mm (2") camera head. The MC50Duo is available with a second interior push rod that can utilize either the 18mm (3/4") and 29mm (1.1") camera heads. The MC50 also includes an 8" TFT LCD with keyboard in a clam shell protective case.

    Finally there is the MC80 which includes 130m (425') of heavy duty push rod cable and the KK55; 55mm (2") camera head. The MC80 minCam push camera is the best solution for larger jobs that require inspection over long distances in larger pipes. Also included is the larger 8" TFT LCD and the frame includes wheels for easier transportation.

  • Rent New GE Borescope For Your Next Inspection

    AIT has added the GE borescope to our rental program. The new GE Mentor IQ is available to rental from AIT for those customers that need the absolute best performance from a video borescope. The GE Mentor IQ has the absolute best image, articulation, ease of use and durability of any video borescope manufactured.

    AIT added the GE Mentor IQ video borescope rental is available to meet the need of industrial visual inspection at power plant, refineries, chemical plants, paper mils and more. a brilliant high definition video borescope image is needed to ensure all defects and found in the most efficient manner possible. The GE Mentor IQ has both forward and side view inter changeable tip adapters to allow users to customize the image on the spot for the best image. A Large 6.5" LCD display combines portability with a perfectly balanced design.

    The GE borescope rental is also available with an internal better for optimal operation where AC power is not available. High capacity lithium ion batteries provide light wight and enough power to keep you going. Wind turbine applications will appreciate the portability of the GE borescope rental for visual inspection of wind turbines.

    Few borescope rentals are available with a diameter as thin as 6.1mm (.240") and a length of 8m (25'). Perfect for purity weld inspections that require a thin diameter borescope and long length.  The tungsten brain of the GE borescope is reliable and will not fail during a critical inspection the way stainless steel braids will. The GE Mentor IQ is also one of the few video borescopes that will reliably articulate at such long lengths. Other video borescopes do not offer articulation in these lengths or are subject to failure and expensive repairs. The GE Mentor IQ is the perfect video borescope to rent for the the most demanding inspection where reliability and image quality are an absolute must.

  • Rent Video Borescopes To Inspect Orbital Welds

    Advanced inspection Technologies inc. offers a large selection of video borescopes for inspection of orbital welds. High purity orbital weld are commonly used is pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, food and industries that require controlled a environment. Gas and liquids that pass through high purity pipes need to remain pure. An improper weld that joins pipes can cause impurities to collect. Certified weld inspectors can identify weld that are oxidized, improperly beaded, or where there is too much or too little weld penetration. Certified weld inspectors frequently rent video borescopes from AIT to inspect these welds in high purity piping.

    AIT can rent video borescopes up to 100 ft in length with diameters as small as 4.0mm (0.157 in). Fiber optic borescopes are available on special request as small as 0.35mm (.014"). Orbital weld inspectors can rental video borescopes such as the Vuman, Iplex, Iris DVR, or Milliscope II for small diameter applications.

    When you rent video borescopes it is important to understand the advantages of each:

    Olympus Iplex

    The Olympus Iplex is well designed for inspection of orbital welds. The probe length is 7.5m (24.6') and probe diameter is 6.0mm (.25"). The length is important for weld inspectors to be able to see inside long sections of pipe. The video borescope diameter is also perfect for a majority of pipe diameters to allow passage around tight bends and turns. The Iplex also includes interchangeable side view tips to help achieve high resolution images of orbital welds. The Iplex also includes a large 7.5" LCF display for easy review of work.

    iRis DVR

    The iRis DVR video borescope is a portable hand held video borescope. Features include battery power, a high resolution 5 inch LCD and the ability recording an annotate video onto a 32MB SD card. The iRis DVR video borescope has 2 side view tip adapters which are perfect for viewing orbital welds in different diameter pipes. The iRis DVR video borescope is available in lengths up to 7.5m (24.6') and diameters of 4, 6 and 8mm (.157", .236" and .315").


    The Vuman video borescope has several unique features that make it ideally suited for orbital weld inspections. Remote focus allows the weld inspector to always achieve the best image regardless of the distance to the weld. A Large 10.4" LCD provides the largest viewing screen of any video borescope. Finally, the Vuman video borescope is the only system that is stored on a reel, this means there is no unused borescope coiled on the floor.

    Milliscope II

    The Milliscope II is a small diameter borescope system available to rent. The Milliscope II is available in a variety of diameters and lengths depending on your requirements. The Milliscope II is available in diameters as thin as .35mm (.014") several lengths are also available. The Milliscope II is perfect If you need to rent video borescopes to inspect pipes that have an extremely small inner diameter or challenging bends, twists and turns that other video borescope cannot make.

    The next time you need to rent video borescopes to inspect orbital welds remember that AIT has the most complete inventory, the knowledge and support to make your inspection a success.

  • Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchangers

    AIT offers several options for our customer that need to rent inspection cameras for shell and tube heat exchangers. Tube bundles need to be periodically inspected for potential problems such as the build up of deposits, blockages and other defects that cause damage to tube walls and reduce the efficiency for these types of heat exchangers. A common type of heat exchanger is a Shell and tube. Depending on the tube diameter, length and accessibility you may choose a different inspection camera to rent for you next inspection.

    Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchanger Tubes:

    1. Kombi Double Push Camera

    Kombi inspection camera is a light weight and portable remote visual inspection camera for industrial applications Kombi Double Push Camera

    The Kombi is a great rental choice when portability, battery power is required. The Kombi inspection camera includes two push cables and four camera heads so you can configure it on the spot. This ability to use different stiffness push cables or camera heads allows you to inspect several diameter heat exchanger tubes with one inspection camera system. The Kombi is capable of inspecting heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 8" ID.

    2. Mincam Duo Push Camera

    Rent Inspection Cameras For Heat Exchanger Tubes like the Mincam Duo Push Camera Mincam Duo Push Camera

    The Mincam Duo is available with 150 ft or 100 ft main push rod cable. a 3/4", 1.0" or 2.0" camera head can be attached to the push rod spending on the diameter of the heat exchanger tube you intend to inspect. For extra small diameter tubes the MinCam Duo includes a 1/2" camera with up to 100 ft of push cable. The combination of push rods and interchangeable camera heads allows you to inspect tubes from 3/4" ID to 12" ID.

    3. Small Line Camera (SLC)

    The SLC is designed to inspect small industrial pipes bores and tubes. The push rod cable is available in lengths up to 100 ft. and camera diameters from 1/2", 3/4" and 1.0". Super high resolution and brilliant illumination make the SLC a great choice when the best image is needed. The SLC can see the smallest defect in your heat exchanger tube. A smart all in one case design makes the SLC easy to use. Just open and turn on. Included features are 4 hours of battery life, video and still image recording. The SCL is perfect for inspection of heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 4.0"

    4. Mincord Inspection Camera

    Mincord portable push camera for inspection of small pipes
    The Mincord is a super portable push camera with 50' or 100' of flexible push cable. The camera is 1/2" diameter on a super flexible spring. The Mincord inspection camera is a great choice where portability is the most important consideration. The small size allows access into any confined space. Video or still image capture can be done on an SD card. The Mincord is capable of inspecting heat exchanger tubes from 3/4" to 2.5" diameter.

    Each inspection camera from AIT offers its own advantages and benefits. When you speak with one of our representatives they will guide you through your selection based on you individual requirements.

  • Kombi Inspection Camera At ASNT Conference

    AIT will be introducing an exciting new remote visual inspection camera for sale and rent at the annual ASNT conference October 26 - 29, 2015. The conference will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT and AIT will be found at booth 533.

    AIT will be introducing the Kombi, a new remote visual inspection camera designed to inspect pipes, tube, heat exchangers, boilers, and other industrial lines for defects such as blockages and corrosion. The Kombi inspection camera includes two push rods on a single reel to match the balance of flexibility and "push-ability" depending on your remote visual inspection camera requirements. The push rods include a stiffer 100 meter length cable for long straighter pipe runs and the 60 meter Varioflex for applications that include multiple bends with twist and turns. The Kombi also offers a range of interchangeable camera heads that range from 16, 18, 23 and 32mm diameter.

    Kombi Inspection Camera is Designed For Industrial Applications

    The Kombi is perfect for industrial inspections in confined spaces due to the small profile and light weight design. The high resolution remote visual inspection camera also includes the ability to save video or still images, annotate inspections with text and more. AIT looks forward to showcasing the new Kombi to the non destructive test industry. Applications include:

    Heat Exchanger tubes

    The Kombi is perfect for inspection of heat exchanger tubes found at industrial facilities. Proper function heat exchangers and boilers is critical to efficient plant operation. Inspectors can use the Kombi inspection camera to check scale and rust and other deposits that that may cause blockages, cracks, warping, bulges and ultimately failure.

    Cleaning Validation

    The Kombi inspection camera is frequently used at pharmaceutical, chemical and fertilizer plants to inspect process lines for residual product that may remain after cleaning. Residual product can contaminate the following batch of product and needs to be detected.

    Small Diameter Chiller Tubes

    The Kombi's flexible push rods and small diameter camera heads are the perfect inspection camera for viewing the inside of small chiller tubes. No other inspection camera has the combination of flexibility with the ability to be pushed over long distances. These features provide the Kombi with the ability to navigate the complex twists and turns that can be found in industrial chiller tubes.

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